Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lazy Day Cleaning

In May I talked about 'How to Succeed at Spring Cleaning'  where I give you all my favorite tips and tricks. But all my tips and tricks to that success had me thinking, "What If I wake up and am too lazy to clean today?" because lets be honest here, we all have those days where we just don't want to do a thing then sit on the couch, slip into a netflix coma, while eating a bag of hot cheetos. Right? I know I can't be the only one. And then before we know it the day is about over and we have to think about what to make for dinner. And of course we decide on ordering pizza because we don't want to stop watching "Orange is the New Black" to make a meal.

Today I am sharing some more tips and tricks about getting things done, only, they are for getting things done on a lazy day. Because I promise you, sitting on the couch all day may be ideal, but you'll still be left with a mess to clean the next day when you are probably super busy. I know I'm right on this one.

When you plan out your day it aims you for success. I have my planner in which I write down everything I need to do during the day and week. I also write out a "To Do" list for all the smaller details. It's so much more than just writing 'clean the living room.' I write down what I would like to tackle in the living room area. vacuuming, reorganizing, fluffing pillows. etc. Apart from writing out my cleaning schedule I write what I would like to complete during the day. I found it easier to say, "Okay, I only want to dedicate 1 hour to cleaning the living room," and then after that hour I sit down and enjoy a cold tea while catching up on my 30min-1hour TV shows. and then, it's back to my schedule: Mop the Floors & wipe down the windows. etc. It's all about finding a balance between being Lazy and Getting things done that need to be done. 

Getting Motivated is seriously the hardest part of succeeding at anything on lazy days. So what I like to do in the morning is turn on some up-beat music and open my pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is super motivational for me. Between looking at motivational quotes and clean, picture perfect magazine houses...I find super motivation. I mean, who doesn't want to jump into all those perfect looking living rooms on pinterest? I know I do. But, the only thing I can do is clean my living room and make it look just as wonderful to want to sit in. 

Not to be confused with motivation, although you could definitely link the two together if you please, because lord knows I do sometimes. What I mean when I say "find urgency" is you need to remind yourself why you are doing the chore you are doing because there is always a reason beyond "it just needs to be cleaned." Like for me, Lazy days happen a lot during the summer, of course. But, we are in the process of moving. Our official move date is in a very quick 2 short months. By the end of the summer we will be living in our new house which is exciting but when I look around at our current messes I think to myself "how the hell am I supposed to declutter and pack when I don't know where anything is." and so, i found the urgency to clean. I need to have my stuff cleaned and organized to pack up and move. and moving into our first place is my motivation. Team work my friends. 

This is probably the blogger in me, but I always take before and after pictures. Currently, I am sitting on my couch that has laundry that needs to be folded and on the floor around me is a bunch of clutter that needs to be thrown out or put in a place. I feel suffocated and our living room looks much smaller than the actual size. And so, I will take a before picture of my messy space so that I can take an after photo when I am finished and drinking my iced peach green tea lemonade. And sitting on my big comfy, clean couch will be oh so rewardful. Maybe that's not your reward, but that's why you look for your own. Maybe you'll allow yourself to have that ice cream with sprinkles as a job well done. Whatever the case may be, find your reward. It will be worth it. 

If you read my post on being successful at spring cleaning, that you already know that I am obsessed with organizing things into baskets. Usually its "Trash, Donate, Keep" baskets. But, for a cleaning day when I know I am keeping the most of my stuff, like the clean clothes that need to be folded, I will throw it all into one big basket. I place the basket in the center of the room I am working in and throw all of the "out of place" items into the basket. This makes it easier to return items to their homes when you can see a semi-clean area around you. And if you find that you need to tidy up that area than you can quickly do so before returning it's missing item. (I also have a small "toy box" for our pup that all of his toys go into at the end of the day or during nap time, he knows where it is and can go grab whatever he wants to play with.) Once you are done with your basket you can put that back in its home. and boom, you'll find that your space is clean and everything back in its place. It's much easier to work from one big basket of clutter than running around the room trying to work in chaos. 

And there you have it, my guide to getting things done on lazy days. I even stopped writing my blog for a moment to throw all the clutter into my clutter basket. And even though I really want to continue sitting here and watch the cooking channel, The Barefoot Contessa is on, I know that I have things I need to get done before I begin dinner for my hard working husband who is bound to come home starving in the next few hours.. But boy oh boy I cannot wait til I can sit down on this soon-to-be clean couch and enjoy the rest of my evening. 

What are some of your favorite lazy day cleaning tips and tricks? Comment down below. I love adding new tricks to my scheduled lazy day cleaning sessions. 

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