Friday, June 5, 2015

5 Refreshing Summer Drinks

Having a refreshing drink is a summer essential, especially with all the beach days and family bbq's you have planned. And although some refreshing drinks aren't allowed on the beach by law, doesn't mean you can't still bring something as refreshing to sip on while you are sitting under the hot sun. 

Today I'm going to share with you 5 of my favorite refreshing drinks, both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic, for the hot summer months that are upon us. Or if you are in San Diego like me, summer is here already. 

1. Moscow Mule

What You'll Need:
- 2 oz Vodka (I use New Amsterdam)
- 4 to 6 oz GingerBeer (I use bundaberg)
- 1 lime
- Mint to garnish

 I have been obsessed with Moscow Mules lately. and they are so easy to make. What you do, is get a Copper Mug, they are pretty easy to find and the tradition MM is made it one, it also keeps your drink ice cold. I squeeze 1/2 a lime into the bottom of the mug and then fill with ice. Next I pour the 2 oz of vodka into the cup and mix with the lime juice. I then add the ginger beer and mix again before tasting to see if I need to adjust the taste. I squeeze the other half of the lime in because I love the way it brings out the gingerbeer. and then I drop the lime wedge into my mug and top it off with mint.   To make this Non-Alcoholic, don't add the vodka. I absolutely love Ginger Beer by itself. 
** My sister likes to add Bitters to her moscow mule for different tastes. Check your local store for it.

2. Cucumber Refresher

What You'll Need:
- 1 to 1 1/2 shot of Cucumber Vodka
- Pierre Water (traditional or lime)
- 1/2 lime
- Cucumber (sliced in rounds)
- Mint to garnish

A few Mother's Day's ago we were having a family BBQ and my mom walked in with a recipe for a new drink she wanted us to try. When she said she was using Cucumber Vodka we all wrinkled our noses not knowing how that was going to taste. This is how she made the drink: Slice up a cucumber and take 2-4 thin rounds and place them in a shaker, add in your vodka and peirre water, and shake lightly (not to foam up the pierre sparkling water but just to mix in with the vodka) and pour over ice into a white wine glass or short 8 oz glass. Squeeze the lime juice in before stiring, adjust the taste if you need and add mint to garnish. You won't regret trying this drink, its seriously delicious and light. 

3. Cucumber, Mint, and Lemon Water

What You'll Need:
- Water
- Lemon, sliced into rounds
- Cucumber, sliced into rounds
- Mint

This is the basic of the basic drinks when it comes to something refreshing. Everyone knows of this amazing, refreshing, detoxing drink. But I absolutely love this in the summer time on those hot days, it's also a great refreshing drink that is hydrating and non-alcoholic. Just fill up a pitcher with some ice water, throw in your sliced up lemons, cucumbers, and mint leaves...Wait 20min to an hour before serving so the water gets infused and Enjoy.

4. Raspberry Lemonade Spritzer

What You'll Need:
- Moscato (or your favorite wine)
- Simply Lemonade (regular or raspberry)
- Sprite
- Raspberries, Lemon 
(strawberries/blueberries are good too)

I went to a baby shower a while back and they called this drink "Mommy's Juice" which I thought was super cute. They made this with red wine instead of a white, but I prefer the crispness that the Moscato brings which is why I like making my "Fur Mommy's Juice" with white. The thing I love about this drink is you can make it Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic (which is why it works for those prego mamas at baby showers OR it works for a treat for your kids as well). I like to fill my glass with 1/2 Moscato and than top off mixing between the Lemonade and Sprite. adjust the taste as I go. This one is really up to you how you want it to taste so I never use exact measures. Leave out the Moscato for a Non-Alc version of this drink. And than add your berries for extra flavor and a cute garnish. ** Another thing you can do is before you fill your glass, add some berries to the bottom and smash them before adding your drink. the natural juices from your fruits will be a nice kick. 

5. Pinapple-Mint Moijto

What You'll Need:
- 3 to 4 lime wedges
- 2 to 4 pineapple chunks
- 5 to 6 mint leaves
- 2 oz Light Rum
- 2 oz Pineapple Puree
- 2 to 3 oz Club Soda
- Ice

Puree Recipe:
- 3/4 cup white sugar
- 1 cup water
- 1 cup fresh mint, firmly packed
- 1 1/2 cups pineapple chunks

Combined water and sugar and bring to a boil until sugar dissolves. Remove from stove, add mint, and let cool. Place your pineapple chunks into a blender and puree until smooth, add your cooled syrup to blender and mix together with the pineapple chucks. The end. 

Fun Fact, Mojitos are my absolute favorite cocktail of all times. If a bar or restaurant have a good Mojito than you better believe that is what I am ordering every time. I'm obsessed. and on easter this year my mom and I wanted to make mojitos, we ended up going with a Grapefruit mojito but recently I tried out a Pineapple-Mint Mojito and i just knew I needed to get home and make my own. Here is what I do: I place a lime wedge or two, pineapple chunks, and mint into a shaker.  I lightly muddled them together and then put some ice over it. I added my rum and pineapple puree than shook them all together. (about 30sec). I poured all of it (chunks, lime, and mint included) into a glass and topped with the club soda. Garnish with mint and a lime wedge. Enjoy!! So Refreshing. 

What are some of your favorite refreshing summer drinks? I hope you all try mine out and enjoy!!!

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