Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick and Easy Summer Makeup

Let's get real here - I love a full face of makeup as much as the next girl, but the truth is, for the average woman that is just not an every day to day thing. When you live in a warm climate like I do, here in San Diego, you find that going outside with a full face of makeup usually ends up a hot mess. That's why I decided to search through my collection and pin point some of my favorite, light weight makeup items that don't take effort to apply. Here's what you should look for this summer:

One.  Invest in a good moisturizer. I promise you that you're skin will thank you the moment you step outside in to that hot sun. There are so many moisturizers and foundations that now have built in SPF in it which is a double plus. I love Gel based moisturizers for my dry skin, they don't make me feel oily and they aren't sticky like you'd get with a lotion base. My favorite moisturizer from the store is:

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Two.  Find a creamy concealer that you love. I love creamy concealers all year round because they are light weight and easy to blend without worrying about blending out the product into chunks. With concealer you can draw a little try angle right under your eye and blend out with a damp beauty blender for a natural, airbrushed finished. 

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Three. If you can find a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that you love than that may be your go-to. For myself however, I ditch using a tinted moisturizer and BB cream during the summer. I let my concealer do it's work and then I love dabbing an Illuminator just above the hollows of my checks and blend out. I know what you're thinking, and Illuminator gives you a high light, And it's true. But you can however find an illuminator that doubles as a bronzer and gives you that glow as long as that bronze affect. Here is my favorite:

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Four. Sticking with the light weight theme, I prefer to use a Cheek Stain during the summer for a more natural flushed cheek's look. The best thing about cheek stains is that most double as a lip stain as well, which is perfect if you're trying to downsize your product count during the summer. 

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Five.  I Love a light, pinky coral lip in the summer time. It's so girly looking and when you pair it with the right lip liner it can be romantic. During the summer keeping your lips moisturized is so important so always invest in a good lip balm. I love wearing more silky smooth lipsticks during the summer to keep my lips from feeling dry, Here is my absolute favorite:

Six. Sometimes eyeshadow just isn't an option, but for the summer days and nights when you want to quickly spice up your look..I suggest finding a Neutral Eyeshadow Pallette. It has all you need from light to dark to make the windows to your soul shine bright in the summer. 

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Seven. Mascara will pull your look together, so make sure you find one you love. I love mascaras with a thin wand thats flexible and easy to apply. I find that bigger and rounder wands make it difficult to apply because it causes clumps instead of helping spread your lashes apart...and who wants that in the summer? Not Me. 

And there you have it, 7 of my favorite products to use for my Quick and Easy Summer Makeup routine. With a few of my other favorites thrown in the mix for you to check out. What are some of the quick and easy products you look forward to using this summer from your makeup collection?

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