Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HOW TO: Succeed at Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is always such a drag. Nobody wants to get up and spend their entire day cleaning; yes you are being productive and getting stuff done, but you find yourself still feeling like you didn't have time to do other things you would have liked to do within that day. And sometimes, even though you spend the whole entire day cleaning your space, you feel like you finished with an even bigger mess than what you started with. Here are some tips and tricks that I love to use when I am cleaning my space.

Tip #1.  Have a Plan. 
-- Write down what you'd like to accomplish. Make a detailed to-do list.

-- Work in one area at a time. It will make your spring cleaning/decluttering a smooth and less stressful experience if you are able to focus on the one area that you are cleaning. I like to work in small areas first (like a book shelf or china hutch). Even though you are focusing on a specific space, such as the living room, it will be easy to start in one area and work in the order, or flow, your spaces goes.

Tip #2. Imagine Your Space. 
-- After you write down your cleaning goals for the room, stand back and look at your space. What do you want it to look like? What area would you like to reorganize and declutter? It's best to go at the task of cleaning and reorganizing if you have a vision in your mind of what you'd like the space to look like at the end of your cleaning spree.

**After Organizing and Decluttering my super messy desk.

-- Use Pinterest as a guide/inspiration. Do you know how many boards I have on pinterest dedicated to my life? 19. I have 19 boards full of inspiration in all aspects of my life. By using a platform like Pinterest to help give you inspiration for your "new" space, you'll find it easier to clean and reorganize. Don't have a Pinterest Board? Click HERE. (You can also check out my boards and see what I'm inspired by)

Tip #3. Set Time Goals.
-- When writing out your to do list ( refer back to: Tip #1), think about how long you think it will take to tackle that task. Is there an amount of time you'd like to spend? Write it down. I found that when I manage my time I feel like I am able to get more done without wasting precious work time. I like to work in 20-30min increments so that my focus doesn't shift. But if I feel like I'm in the zone then I keep working a little while longer and than take my scheduled break. Yes, I schedule my breaks. It keeps me focused when I am able to take a moment to breathe and relax.

-- If you're super crafty you can write out or create your own time sheet. As for me, Thanks to Pinterest, I have found some really amazing FREE printables. ** Printables in above pictures. VIA  

Tip #4. Separate your "Clutter" into 3 boxes. 
-- As I am cleaning I love to keep 3-4 empty boxes or bins around to separate my stuff into. 
I found that placing things in specific boxes helps in itself to keep me organized by knowing everything is in a place and not just scattered around the room like things tend to get when we are binge cleaning. 

-- Keep Box - For items that you know you'll for sure love to keep and find a place for back in your current space.

-- Trash Box - For old items (or genuine trash) that are beat up, broken, or just no longer have a place to call it's own.

-- Donate - For those items you no longer have a place for or don't need but are too nice to toss. Donate them or have a Garage Sale, just because you can't find use for it anymore doesn't mean someone else won't. 

-- I also keep a Undecided box near by. I use this a way to "come back" to an item I hadn't decided on within 15 seconds. I use the 15 second rule. Which is a rule which means if my heart doesn't yell "YES" within 15 seconds, then I place it in the "Undecided" box. My main rule for this box is to come back to it after the area is cleared of everything else and items are placed in other boxes for Keep, Trash, Donate. ALWAYS go right back to the undecided box. Don't wait a day or two to decide what you want to keep or not keep. If you have to wait that long, toss everything out. Simple as that. 

Tip # 5. The Clutter Clearing Mantra. 
-- I asked myself these question every time I find myself decluttering my space. I also ask myself "If I  was shopping right now, would I buy this?" and usually the answer is No. Trash!

And there you have it, my 5 Tips for being successful at Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Your Home. I hope you find these tips useful to you the next time you find yourself at the urge to clean in the hopes that you won't be a stress case at the end of it. And if you're anxiety ridden like me, these will for sure help your next cleaning spree.

 Do you have any tips and tricks you like to use with you clean your space? Comment down below. 

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