Friday, May 22, 2015

Be on the Lookout...

As you can tell I have taken the time to completely redo my whole entire blog. I wanted a new blog header and my picture was out dated; little did I know it would turn into an all day project of organizing my posts my themes and changing my layout. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It took me 3 cups of coffee to even get my blog title aka the header correct and it took at least two hours to figure out how to align my sidebar gadgets. I wanted a blog that I would be proud of and would love looking at when I logged in each day. And it's safe to say that I have just that.

I have decided to break my blog into 6 different parts, as you can see in the navigation bar above.
I wanted a way to filter each of my passions into 6 easy to find tabs and make sure that I dedicate a day of the week to each theme, with one day off, and I'm going to do my absolute best to follow my plan in order to keep up on my blogging. Here are my ideas and I hope you enjoy them...

Makeup Mondays.
All things beauty related.

Life Hack Wednesdays.
All things DIY, Tips, and Tricks Related.

Relationship Thursdays.
All things Relationship related. From Friendships, Family, Dating, Marriage, ETC.

Health Fridays.
All things Health Related.  Including: Physical and Emotional health.

Living Saturdays.
All things Goals, Lists, and Fun Related. Including: Whatever is on my mind and Life Updates.

Inspired Sundays.
All things inspirational, motivational, and gets your brain thinking.

What type of topics would you guys like to see? Pick a Day, Pick a Theme. Let me know and let's get talking. My hopes for this blog is connect with you all more as well as start up some really amazing conversations. Hope to hear from you all.

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