Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SYL: Planner Organization

I always talk about how much of a scatterbrain I am. and it's still oh very true. but lately i have found a way to keep my scatterbrained self more organized and life much simpler. it all started with simplifying my life.  (SYL:Simplify Your Life) and for me, that was nailing a large calendar to the wall in our bedroom so I could write on it our upcoming events, to-do's with chores, bills to be paid, etc. etc. This form of organization has definitely helped us remember to do things that are coming up and so the scatterbrain in me has definitely toned down in the last several months. I am a creative person, and i love any excuse to decorate and do anything fun and colorful. i like grabbing all my colored pens, sticky notes, card stock, and stickers each week and decorate my planner for the next week. i don't have much decor since i am new at this planner thing, but the dollar store has become my best friend as of late and i can't wait to add more to my collection. it makes for better scrapbook material as well. i swear i'm 24. not an old lady who decorates planners and scrapbooks. okay maybe i'm kind of a old person. kinda.

Besides being organized with the large room calendar, I also realized i needed to find a way to keep myself personally accountable and organized. so I set out my days accordingly (and in advance) so that i could help keep my anxiety down as much as possible. and so i went to the store and grabbed a planner. and let's just say i write everything down. everything. from folding laundry to how much water to drink during the day to watching my favorite tv shows. even the little things that you wouldn't expect to see in a planner, you'll see in mine. and i need it to be that way. if i don't forget to do something or that something is coming up. less anxiety. which means happier me and happier speedracer. win win situation if you ask me.

Here is how I let to set up my Planner:

  • Events: I like to write out my larger events first. Sometimes we have a few in a week and sometimes we have one. or none. Of course for the week of April 13th-19th. We have the largest even of them all. Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary. 
  • Appointments: Next I like to write out my appointments for the week. and I like to write them on cute little tabs that grab my attention when i open my planner. It's easy to remember things this way. For this week I have a nail appointment and a hair appointment. 
  • To Do: My weekly "To Do's" are next for me to fill in. I have a much larger list of weekly to do's on our bulletin board which is located about our wall calendar. But I like to write down a few reminders in my planner for chores that take more time than others. Like, Laundry, Cleaning the room, and my Car are much more important then remembering to take the trash out. 
  • Small Reminders: I like to add in little reminders here and there as well. Like needing to remember to call our cake lady to confirm the time for pick up. Depending on whats going on in the week I sometimes have up to 15 small reminders. Like last week, I had exactly 15. 
  • Water: I need to remind myself to drink water throughout the day. so I like to draw 3 little circles in each day's box to check off when i have finished a bottle. My water bottle is 28 ounces, so I end up drinking 84oz a day. 
  • Extras: After my more important stuff is filled out, i like to go in and write out little random things. Like when I'd like to post a Blog and when my TV shows are on. These are just all my personally little "to-do's" for my enjoyment. because we all need that time for relaxation in the day. 
  • Quotes: Lastly, I like to write a quote for the week in the bottom corner of my planner where it typically says "Notes." I love the little inspirational or motivational quotes each week. They just remind me to Radiate Love and Live Simply. This week the quote I found was a Marriage Prayer. and I thought it was the perfect week to see this every day when I open up my planner.           
The most important thing to remember while organizing your planner is that you have to set it up in a way that appeals to you. You may not like to add all the little random things like when to watch you favorite television show or how much water you'd like to drink in the day. But as you go on you'll find things you like to add into your planner and even take out. For the majority my week contains the same setup as it did the week before, but there are things I also add new to my set up each week. It's what works for me. and it helps me live much easier. with more organization and less anxiety. I also get more done during the day/week and that is definitely nice to know at the end of every day. I hope you all found this little organization/planner set up helpful. and I hope you find your own little set up that works for you and your life. Happy Planning!

Kick off your boots, grab a cold beer, and Stay a while. 


  1. It's always fun to see other's planners!!! :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog and sharing your link here with me! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    1. Thank You SO much for your comment!! I love seeing other planners as well :)


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