Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Simplify your Life.

In march, I took time to focus on how I wanted to approach the next month of my life. Actually, I wanted to focus on how to approach the next few months of my life. I have always had severe anxiety that comes in many different forms, and for whatever reason it's been at it's peak the last few months. And so i made the decision to set out on a journey to simplify my life.  I realized that part of my anxiety comes from feeling like I always need to be doing something or when that pile of chores keeps piling up and i can never seem to find a balance of clean and messiness. and so, it's time to simplify my life. with a pinterest board and everything. 

For years now I have loved the idea of living my life in a total "Eat Pray Love" kind of way. I was always so drawn to Elizabeth Gilbert's story of how she took a year off to travel and reconnect with herself. Of course, I am not in the position to do so and I'm not having some middle age divorce/melt down. But, in June I will be at ripe age of 25 and I feel as if it's a good time to have some "Eat Pray Love," adventures in my own way. With my Husband by my side, of course. I picked up the book a few weeks ago and have been reading a little bit each night. It's truly an inspiring book. and I can't wait to see what it inspires me to do, more than it already has. What I have learned so far from reading EG's Memoir is that it doesn't take much to simplify your life. it just takes time, dedication, and planning. You gotta have a plan and set goals that you want to achieve along the way. and writing everything down is the first step. and that's where having a personal planner comes in handy. Speedracer and I put up a large wall calendar in our room so we could write down our monthly plans as well as bills that needed to be paid so we could see it every day as a reminder. and has really helped us stay organized and my scatterbrain on the right track. but once I got my planner I was in awe of how much it has helped me personally because I am able to write down every little thing that i want to achieve throughout the day, week, and month. i even break it down to scheduling my TV shows I watch during the week (my planner break down post will be coming in a few days.)

sneak peak of my planner - look for in next post

I've been a busy be in the last few weeks figuring out how to write in my planner and what works for me. (lots of doodles and cheesy quotes). but my days have seemed to slow down and I have been amazed at how much I can achieve in the day. I have chosen to focus on each task for 15 minutes at a time. 15 minutes is the perfect time for me to get motivated, in a routine, and kick ass. than I take a tea break. and i'm back to finish the task or start my next task depending on the demand of the chore. I will talk about how i schedule out my day in my next post, but I wanted to just give you a feel for how my days go. and it's been making things so much simpler. And, by making things simpler and focusing on one task at a time. I have seen my stress and anxiety levels go down.  not drastically, yet at least. but throughout the day I find that having a schedule and doing things with a purpose doesn't give me time to worry and stress out about things that I shouldn't be freaking out about. and i go to sleep much happier and fuller. who can beat that?

So I leave you with a five reasons why you should simplify your life and go at every moment with a purpose. (1) Clarity & Peace of Mind: Life is so much more enjoyable when you rid yourself of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. All that old junk you haven't used in months or even years? Throw it out. Less is More. You will always find yourself at peace when there is less to deal with. Promise. (2) Your Health Depends on It: When you find yourself doing more and trying to stretch yourself in different directions all at once. You Stress. and Stress means added weight gain. because you're stress eating. or drinking. and your blood pressure is more likely to sky rocket. Living with less and doing less with more focus gives you a way to slow down your life and live in a stress-free environment. (3) Happiness: You know that saying "Be grateful for what you have because there is someone out there living with less than you are and they are happy?" Well it's completely true. it more ways than one. When you de-clutter your mind of all the toxicity in your life, you are saying YES to happiness. and when you de-clutter your living space, you are saying YES to a stress free environment. Having clutter in your living area causes stress, even if you don't realize it. the second you rid of old crap you don't need. You are instantly happier because you get to come home to a clean and relaxing environment. (4) Time: When you spend time doing the things that makes your soul happy instead of doing things the way you think they need to be done, everything changes. Time slows down and you realize how much of your life you still have yet to enjoy. (5) Interactions: School, work, and other responsibilities don't always have to get in the way of your social life. When you make time to slow down and spend time with the ones you love, you'll instantly feel happier. Take time to write a letter and send that snail mail. Get off your phone and close your laptop. Get out in the fresh air and talk to the people around you. Interactions don't even have to come with other people, take time to be with yourself. not the social media version either. ride your bike or read a good book. and also remember to rid yourself of those negative interactions. Your peace of mind, health, happiness, and time will all thank you.

"Kick off your boots, Grab a cold beer, and Stay a While"

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