Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1 Year Anniversary

April 18th, 2015

On Sunday, April 19th, we celebrated our 1 year Wedding Anniversary. We were by the beach in Carlsbad, CA and basking in the excitement of making it through our 1st year of Marriage. But, let me back up just 24hrs prior to our big #1 and tell you how we came to find ourselves in Carlsbad.

We had been trying to decide where we wanted to spend our 1 year wedding anniversary for months but couldn't come to an agreement. I wanted to go camping but speedracer thought we should spend our anniversary in a nice 5-star location since it was our 1st. and i finally agreed. so my groom went to take on the responsibility of setting our whole weekend up. and it went rocky from time to time because I always have to be in control. but once I let go and let my thoughtful man do his thing, it ended up working out wonderfully. and i didn't have anything to worry about. On saturday morning, april 18th, we left our san diego home and took the short drive to carlsbad. On the way we stopped by our wedding cake maker to pick up our freshly-made top tier to cut into in celebration. I absolutely loved seeing our wedding cake again. I may have cried a bit. and by a bit, I mean a lot. We got to our hotel the was directly across from the Carlsbad State Beach. The site was gorgeous. The hotel knew it was our Anniversary weekend so we found complimentary champagne in our room awaiting our arrival. After unloading our stuff and drinking some yummy bubbly, we drove up the road to Karl Strauss Brewery for some appetizers and beers. We had a blast. It's hard to believe that we live in San Diego and had never been to a KS. We will definitely be going back. We wanted to watch the sunset at the beach so we hurried back to the hotel and walked to the cliffs where we did a cheesy sunset photoshoot and watched the sunset over the water. We had to hurry and get ready for dinner so we could make it to our reservation at an amazing italian place which was located in the carlsbad village. 

Dinner was amazing. Everyone spoke italian and the atmosphere was incredible. We even found ourselves sitting next to the owner of the restaurant, which the staff was waiting on like crazy, and because we dealt with the excitement of him being there, the chef personally talked to us and said she'd like to make us a dessert for our troubles. although there were no troubles at all. we loved every moment. and the tiramisu was amazing. but after a long day full of excitement we were ready to get back to the hotel room. We cracked open some yummy wine we had picked up before our stay-cation. I really wanted to get the wine we had the night of our wedding, but we couldn't find it, and so speedracer we should make the tradition of getting a different wine every year. and this wine didn't disappoint. it's called "Reckless Love" and the bottle glows in the dark. and has a mustache. so obvi we had to get it. After the wine we were exhausted so we crawled into bed and passed out for 10 hours. 10. I didn't even know we were that tired but apparently we needed the rest. 

The next morning we awoke to being married for 1 full year. and we were too excited. We drank mimosas and watched our wedding video of our ceremony. i cried. a lot. and after we turned on our 1st dance song and shared a sweet dance in our hotel room. i absolutely loved it. we slowly packed up our things and went to brunch in the carlsbad village. it was an absolutely gorgeous day. and then, we went to go see the gift that my speedracer got me. but that's for another post on another day. 

We returned home around 6pm and just hung out on the couch before getting dinner. After dinner we decided to cut into that wedding cake of ours. We had 2 different flavors the day of our wedding, within our cake and cupcakes, but we only had the red velvet the day of so we really wanted to have the tiramisu. and boy was it good. Once we had our cake, it was time for bed. It was a long weekend. 

Happy 1 year Anniversary, my handsome Groom. 
You are my forever and my always. I cannot believe I have been
your wife for 1 whole year, that went by way to quickly. 
Let's rock another year of Mr. and Mrs. - Shall we?

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