Friday, March 27, 2015

Be All There. (Where I've Been)

Im here. I haven't forgotten about this here blog and my blog family. I have just been busy doing something incredible. I've been living. Yup. Living. and enjoying every single moment of it. My last two blogs i've talked about Radiating Love and Loving Myself. Which is exactly what i have been busy working on lately. and really, just being all there. wherever i am. I have realized how quickly life is going by. In 3 short weeks we will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. and in june i will be turning that ripe age of 25. i will officially be in my mid-twenties and my quarter life crisis can truly begin. even though i can already confirm that crazy train left the building a while ago and i've been in a quarter life crisis since my 24th birthday. i can only imagine what year 25 as ashlee michelle is going to bring me. the good news is, i'm still very much alive and well. i'm surviving so its not that bad. i have no complaints. and really taking time to live my life instead of constantly worrying about this here blog and social media as a whole has really helped. like, really helped.

It's truly incredible what is beyond the walls of my house and the keyboard of my laptop. We got a beautiful new, fancy camera for christmas and i have been taking pictures of everything. taking my deep passion for photography to another level now that i have a new toy to play with. and I've been taking photos just for our memories. and to hopefully print them out and fill up the 3 empty scrap books I have in my craft area. and maybe one day i will share some photos here on my blog. but for now, i'm busy making memories with my husband and our family and friends. its been joyous. we went on our annual las vegas trip. which was so much fun that i forgot to take pictures. i have maybe 5 photos on my iPhone. but luckily, that smart man that i married was happy enough to walk around taking pictures from time to time. so we do have some memories on our camera that i loved seeing once we returned home. we also got busy because its officially race season in which keeps us super busy, but i did bring my camera to the race track (2) weeks ago and i will bring it again tomorrow. hopefully i can remember to take more then 10 pictures though. i just get way to busy and preoccupied. I'm not sure if its my scatterbrain or my sense to just LIVE and BE in the moment. maybe it's both. it's probably both. I'm a scatterbrain who loves to live in the moment. can you blame me though?

Anyways - back to what i was talking about - because you know, i'm a scatterbrain. I've been taking the time to just be all in. wherever we go. what ever we do. I try to do less and focus more. and I have been focusing more on myself. doing things that make my soul happy. writing. drinking tea. drawing. singing into my hair brush. dancing around my house to boy bands.
#backstreetsbackalright and, drumroll please, I'm learning to cook. Whaaaat? Yes. I, Ashlee Michelle, slicer of all the fingers, burner of all the chicken, ruiner of all the learning to cook. and guess what? I'm actually succeeding. #winnerwinnernoburntchickenfordinner. I am seriously moving up in the world with this whole domestic duties of a housewife thing. Some of the dishes have been super easy. and some a little more complicated. but I am learning. and sometimes I'm calling my mom in panic asking what do I do. or I'm running into the garage yelling "HELP" too my Speedracer. all in all. It's been a fun experience lately. and these will make for good stories later in my life. once the wounds of cutting myself have healed. of course. But I have found that even though cooking isn't my favorite thing to do. Being in the kitchen has become one of my happy places. Drink some wine. Turn up the music. and Dancing around while I try to figure out what the hell 1/16 is. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as the food tastes good and the house doesn't burn down. right? RIGHT! but I've been all in. and it's been eventful. and life changing.

What have you been doing lately that you've dedicated all your time too? Are you all in? If not, what are some changes you want to make that will help you BE ALL THERE. WHEREVER YOU ARE!

Kick off your Boots. Grab a Cold Beer. and Stay a while! 

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