Thursday, February 19, 2015

Radiate Love.

i would be lying if i said that for weeks now i have had it set in my mind what i wanted to give up for lent this year. because the truth is, i always fail during lent. i am never able to follow through with the tradition of fasting or even the tradition of giving something up. and so this year i told myself i would find a different approach that would keep me focused and hard for me to fail in the 40 day time period. so then i sat back and thought about "what would God want me to do for 40 days?" and the truth to that is, well ashlee michelle he would want you to do a lot because you slack on pretty much everything. and then God would giggle and say something like "get your stuff together child, you're embarrassing me. we cool tho" and then we'd high five. or hug. of course, this is the conversation i think God and I would have. we have weird conversations. i tell you. anyways, i have been really thinking about what the big man upstairs would want me to do for 40 days. would he want me to give something up? or would he want me to do MORE of something that maybe i have been neglecting lately. of course, when it comes to things i neglect, that is a very long list. and then, yesterday during my beautiful 3.5 mile walk down by the bay as i watched the sunset over my little beach town, the words "RADIATE LOVE" popped into my head. and i just knew that's what God intended me to do for the next 40 days of lent 2015. and maybe, just maybe this will be the start of a new beginning where i radiate love every day, even after those 40 days are said and done. because to me, that's what lent is about. it's not about giving something up for 40 days and then falling back into your old bad habit. it's about getting rid of your bad habits and starting great habits. habits that we can carry over into the rest of our lives. and doing MORE of something sounds like the perfect idea. i truly believe that we get so caught up in the negatives of each day that we neglect to remember the positives that the world gives us in each day. so we begin to do less of something. such as, we are less kind and less loving; to others and to ourselves. we look in the mirror and don't like what we see so we slip into depression. we listen to the opinions that others speak of us and we agree with them because we aren't confident in our skin. so instead of remembering how much we are worth, we tell ourselves we are worthless. but we are so much more then that. God wants us to spend 40 days focused on the love he has for us. the love we should have for ourselves because God gave his only begotten son to show how much he loves us and knows our worth. and so we are given 40 days. 40 days to get rid of the toxins and bring more positive to our world. 40 constant days will turn into 40 constant months which till be 40 constant years. and to radiate love sounds like the best, most rewarding way to spend the next 40 years of my life. don't you think? and so, this morning i say to you, go out there and radiate a love so strong and beautiful that it will change someone. and if your lucky, maybe you'll find that the person your strong and beautiful love that you radiated changed.....was you

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