Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Fun.


Remember in my last post "Be the Memory" well I guess I can say that I've been doing just that. seeing as we are half way through february and i have a bunch of pictures to upload and stories to tell. It really as been a wonderful past few weeks and I already feel like 2015 is flying by. seriously, how are we already half way through the 2nd month of the year? #slowdownplease

2015 is such a learning year for myself. as a person and as a new wife. in june i will be turning 25. gulp. i remember my older sister turning 25 and thinking that age for me was so far away and there was no possible way i would be half way through my twenties and almost to 30. but alas, the years are flying by and before i know it the next 5 years will go by. thats a scary thought. didn't i just turn 16? 18? 21? although i do have to say i am pretty excited for what 25 can bring me. i got married 2 months before my 24th birthday, and now i am 2 months away from celebrating our 1 year anniversary. wait what the hell? and in just 4 months my birthday will be here again. time flies when you're having fun. and boy oh boy has it been a fun year for me. being married truly has been the best experience i have faced in my 24 years of life. the first year of marriage has flown by entirely too fast, but i find so much comfort in knowing that in just 2 months we can give a big sigh of relief and say "We made it through the first year" you know, because that old scare tactic of "the first year is the hardest." in which i don't agree with nor do i disagree with it. each 1st year of marriage is different. 
i also have been working on a blog post talking about the first year of marriage. you'll see that in 2 months though. i am just in awe that this sweet year is almost over. its bittersweet. very. but i'm happy.

and so, our lives go on. race season has officially started and this speedracing household has just gotten busier. our yearly vegas trip is coming up in 3 short weeks. and then we will welcome the spring here in san diego. even though its february and currently 80 degrees out. spoiled much! we have anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and many more celebrations to attend in the months to come. i cannot wait to share them with you all. or even just in the confines of my diary that nobody else reads but me. oh the secrets of a woman's heart.

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