Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day Date

last monday that funny, honey of mine had the day off. i told him i wanted to spend the day and go on a full jam packed day date. we debated between walking around balboa park or seaport village. we decided to drive just that quick 10 minutes to down town and drive through the city before we went on our seaport adventure. which we have done many times but it never gets old. especially on a beautiful san diego day. our first stop was of course the hot sauce store because mr. just can't go to seaport without bring home a bottle or two of hot sauce. the best part about this visit to the hot sauce store was that we found out they carry a bottle of the sauce we found on our honeymoon in monterey bay. lets just say we should be good until the next trip to monterey. which we are hoping will be sooner then later. but we are stocked up on hot sauce just incase. we walked around to a few of our favorite different shops before decided to walk over to the USS midway for some pictures. that and we both have never actually seen the midway in person. we are horrible san diegans. oops. we had such a fun time seeing the ship and the amazing, breath-taking naval statues. we really want to do the USS Midway tour one of these days. soon after seeing the midway we got hungry and decided to walk back towards seaport to their little seafood restaurant on the water. literally. on. the. water. its held up by stilts. which I was really freaking out about for a little while. i sat next to the window and you literally look down into the large body of water you are sitting over. i wasn't exactly a fan. but the view was beautiful. after lunch we decided to walk over to a part of seaport we had never been too. the headquarters. which holds a handful of shops and eateries. the headquarters is actually the old stomping grounds of the san diego police department. from like 1930. they even had some old cells you could go in with artifacts, pictures, and stories of the jail when it was up and running. it was really fascinating and cool to learn a bit about sdpd's history. we finished up our day date with getting some gelato. yum. it was a great day. we had so much fun being tourist in our own city. we did some things we've done before and also added in a few things we hadn't seen. we loved it. and definitely want to do it again soon in another part of san diego. so much to see here. so much to do. and boy was it fun to experience it all with that husband of mine. 

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