Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Truckers Wife


i am a truck drivers wife. and contrary to societies belief that we are angry, lonely, bitter housewives;  us woman are very proud of our heavy hauling, drive through the night, come home greasy, rough handed husbands. and we are also sometimes angry, lonely, and bitter housewives. but never the less we are in a constant state of missing our husbands but being thankful for the handwork they are out there doing.

my speedracer began his trucker journey just two weeks before our wedding day but even then he wasn't in a truck full time. he was still on his 9 to 6 job and i was able to see him much more during then week then i see him now. we had it good, compared to some truckers and their wives. even with his busy, constant schedule we still have it good, really good, compared to others. and i am in no way complaining of the lack of time i get to spend with my speedracer. but thats not to say that it doesn't get difficult at times because it does. especially during my days where i wake up in a bad mood or i am sick, because all i want to do is hug that husband of mine but he is probably 2-4 hours away. and sometimes more. luckily, last week i was able to go to work with my trucker, in which i have done before, but the hours have seemed to get longer and stopping to fuel up only seems like the time he gets a break to breathe. and so, monday - friday, i woke up before the sun and headed to work riding shot gun for my trucker. there is a trucker term used for it but lets try to keep it PG over here. some of our days were quick, but the most of them were long, with a constant back and forward move of equipment to the same location or area. and then one day around 6pm we were told we had to a run to the Arizona area, but first we had to finish a run that wouldn't get us home until about 8:30, with only 2 hours of sleep before we had to get up and head on our long night drive through the mountains, before we had to have that piece of equipment dropped off at 6am so we could be at another job site for a full day of work at 7am. let's just say, the day got the best of us. we were working off pure exhausted adrenaline.

because of our long work week, filled in with about 8 hours of sleep total, and helping my husband with a few moves. i realized just how "back-breaking" hard of work that he does every day. and it makes sense as to why he comes home head to toe in grease and just ready to pass out for the night. he works hard. i was about done the 3rd time i had to hop out of the truck to load one of the many forklifts we got, and then unloading it 30minutes later. but then i look over to see my husband jumping in and out of the truck, throwing chains, loading equipment, and jumping back into the truck like it was nothing. i was in awe of him. as i usually am. but the only time i really get to see him work is usually at the race track working his race car voodoo magic. but as a trucker, i hadn't seen much until this last week. he deals with a lot. broken equipment, over sized hauls, and not to mention the countless of inconsiderate, careless drivers on the road who don't watch out for big rigs or give them enough room. you truly don't know how much truckers deal with until you do a ride along with them.  and now i have a whole new perspective and grown respect for the man i married.

its truly funny to me, now that i am 24 years old and married to a wonderful man who is trucker for a living. because it is definitely not the life i dreamed of living. i was that typical little girl juggling around the fact that i would marry a prince, or a doctor, or some fancy high up at a law firm. but honestly, how many times do we really see that happening to a girl from a little country town? not much. but now that i am married to a dirty, grease monkey. i couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. i am always so proud to tell people of the adventures my husband goes on. i love telling people how he is a dirt track racer and how he drives trucks for a living. and for whatever reason people are so amused by it. like they have never heard of someone driving a race car and trucks. and thats all i know. a majority of our friends race cars and drive trucks. this is our normal. and i love it. a lot.

people ask me "how i do it," and the answer is simple. i just do. without question. its difficult to be home alone and only seeing my husband for a small amount of time when he is busy on the road. but i married him knowing this could be the case. i married him because i love him. i made a vow to love all of him, good and bad, and the long hours. and so i married truck driving.  i married the hopes of seeing him by dinner time but knowing i may not see him until the next morning. my husband loves his job and he works hard every day doing things that a lot of people just couldn't do. and for that, it makes me proud to call him mine.

so there you have it. i am a truckers wife. a sometimes bitter but mostly thankful truckers wife. the only thing tougher then a trucker driver is a trucker drivers wife. i (attempt to) cook, clean, and do my best to get his grease-stained shirts clean while he is gone.  i am in constant worry while my husband is out on the road, i tell him "be careful" every 10 minutes. and then i hug him tightly when he gets home while singing his praises of i love you's, thank you's, and i'm proud of you's. because i believe all men who work hard for their families need a little praises when they get home from work. especially if they've  been gone long hours, days, or weeks. i am damn proud of my trucker. there is no where else i would rather be then here. i would wait forever for my trucker to return home.

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