Thursday, January 29, 2015

Be the Memory; 2015.

the moments that pictures capture are all the memories we will be reminded of in years to come. we look back and remember that kiss, that laugh, the party, the celebration, or maybe even the last time we saw someone we care about. these moments that pictures capture are all the memories we will be reminded of in years to come.

from age 19 to 24 i have realized something about myself, about the people around me, and about the flow we tend to get ourselves into. we forget to live. we forget to be. we forget to breathe. and then we look back on those developed pictures and wonder where that moment went. how did it pass us by so quickly. and its simple. its because we are in a rush to see what the next moment brings us. the next picture to be taken. the next memory to be made. and thats a shame. its a shame for the exact moment we are in. for the people we are with. for the laugh we are in the middle of. for the memory that is being made. and to leave the day like that, is a shame. i look back at pictures from the past and i smile. then i cry. then i laugh. and then i smile again. as far back as i can remember, i have always been the one who always has her camera or phone out taking pictures. i live for the captured moments. when i feel like a day or night could be ranked upon my "best day ever" list, i have a tendency to focus more on whats going on around me. call me a dreamer but thats exactly who i am. someone who collects memories and moments. and although  sometimes my mind wanders and succumbs to the memories that i now find a distinct, sometimes painful memory, I am still thankful for them. sometimes i wish i would have been more thankful back then. if only we knew then what we know now, we probably wouldn't take as many moments or people for granted.

looking back at memories and pictures has brought attention to somethings in my life that i have vowed to work on in the year 2015. one being to not rush to the next memory. our wedding day taught me that. i focused on every living detail of the days leading up to our wedding and the big day. i didn't want pictures to be the only way i remembered the best day of my life. i paused life. and i lived in April 19th 2014. and so, my goal for this next year is to live every day like i lived my wedding day. in the moment. in the memories. two accept the memories that being made for what they are and stop comparing them to a past memory. they are different. the moment is different. so live it here and now. three take time to do what makes your soul happy. blog, write in a diary, draw, sing, dance, ride your bike, sleep, play baseball. whatever makes your soul happy. DO IT. we should remember to make those personal moments too. take time for ourselves. block out the world. and remember the things that make you who you are. my diary and my sketch book are happy that I'm back already. four leave those behind who no longer serve a purpose in your life. they aren't going to make good memories for you anymore. let them go. five just be. make it count. live. don't make a memory. be the memory!


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