Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015; it is well with my soul


It came to a shock to me when we woke up the day after christmas and my computer charger was no where to be found. at all. i assumed it got tangled up with wrapping paper and empty boxes which were now in the trashcan. but it wasn't. it was just gone. and so i have lived without my lappie since christmas annoyed that i couldn't blog or slip into a netflix coma. or even download all the pictures we've taken on the new camera we got for christmas. and so that husband of mine finally buckled down and ordered me a new charger so that we could get lyla (my lappie) back and running. except for last night i found my computer cord. you know, the lost one. so now i have a new one on the way as a back up cord. oops. but, it is well with my soul. 

to be frank, i am actually relieved with the fact that i couldn't blog on the 1st or even the 2nd of this new month and year. of course i itched to feel the keyboard beneath my finger tips but i was pleased. it has given me the opportunity to get my butt to barnes and noble to pick up some books i've been telling myself to read. i picked up my daily devotional bible for the first time in 2 years and have started from the beginning, reading every morning or every night, depending on the craze of that day. my speedracer got me a large sketch pad, full of fresh unused paper that is waiting for a story to be told. and i have been spending a lot of time with that new camera of ours out in nature. and it is well with my soul. 

the ending of 2014 was a bittersweet string of events. no big event in particular.  but i took a lot of time reflecting on the amazing year we were just blessed with. 2014 was the year of love. april 19th, 2014 was the absolute best day of our lives. and to see that we actually had to say goodbye to the year that gave us so much hasn't been the easiest for me. we are still in our first year of marriage so i am holding on to being newlyweds as tight as i can. 9 months yesterday. its actually insane to know that our first year of marriage is quickly coming to an end. how has time passed so quickly? and am i the only one who thinks this way? i think i'm having post partum bride depression. is that a thing? 

2015 is here and we have a great amount of goals and wishes planned for the new year. i didn't realize how focused i wanted to be on this new year until january 1st came and i was without my laptop. i have really been taking time to myself, reevaluating the 'ashlee' i want to be this year, and setting a plan for what i want to achieve. for myself, for my marriage, and for the future. but i have also decided to set the, resolution, if you will, to not rush through the year. not rush to my plans. and or my goals. but rather, sit with them and take the moments as they come. i have decide this because i have the tendency to get worked up over things not happening where, when, and how i want. and so, i am giving 2015 up to God and just letting my year play out how it should. i think we should all do that, in some aspect of our lives. perhaps, the thing that worries us the most. let it go. give it to the new year, or to God. and watch life happen. and then at the end of each week, or month, or the year, just know that it is well with your soul. that's my motto for the year. it is well with my soul. 

-- Here is to the new year. to goals and wishes. and to being well with your soul. --

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