Sunday, December 14, 2014

Two very merry gifts

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. not only because the holiday is just a symbol of magic, love, joy, family, friends, and santa. but because we all get to set up a tree and colorful decorations that make our world look a little more like a fairytale. and that obviously excites me. this christmas is a little special and by a little i mean a lot. it's our first christmas as husband and wife. which makes this christmas pretty important if you ask me. last weekend we set out to find two ornaments for a white elephant ornament exchange for a party we went too and we found a sweet little gem that said mr and mrs, so of course we just had to grab ahold of it. i told my sweet speedracer that i wanted an ornament that said "our first christmas" on it, so we set out to find one. we ended up at hallmark, because hallmark has all of the good christmas ornaments. and we fell in love with the one we ended up finding. which was hard because it wasn't on display like the other ornaments were and i was feeling sad but for whatever reason i decided to look down at all the boxes of ornaments and one box in the back caught my eye. i was a happy girl. and so, my speedracer and i were on our way home with two super lovely christmas ornaments that i was excited to hang up on our first tree as husband and wife. so i guess you can say that this christmas has been a joyful one so far.

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