Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving + Hello December

It's been a minute since December has come around. Let's be real for a second, I honestly don't even understand the statement "It's been a minute" but everyone says it now so there is my "Ashlee's trying to be trendy," moment of the day...and now we are back to real time. It's DECEMBER! YAY!

It's an early morning for me here in San Diego, but this morning it's not so bad because I am sitting on my couch with a nice hot cup of coffee and watching the rain pour outside my house. Yes, It's actually raining and cold in December. Thanks San Diego. Except I am almost positive that 75 degree weather should be back in a day or so, so I am soaking in (literally) all that is this storm. #bitchdontkillmyvibe

November was the slowest month we've had in the last few months, for myself, anyway. Thanksgiving happened so quickly that I still feel like I'm waiting for it to happen even though I am already in Christmas mode. Speaking of Christmas mode, We get to do our first Christmasy thing this weekend. We are getting our Christmas photos taken. We were supposed to get them taken November 2nd, but since I had my surgery  on October 30th, it didn't work out so well. Luckily, Katie, our awesome photographer is pretty quick at getting photos back to her clients. And yes, I will be sharing them with you all once we take them and get them back. I am pretty excited because it's our FIRST Christmas as MR and MRS so of course, cheesy lil old me has to go all out and get photos taken. But enough about Photos, I want them to be a surprise!

Let's take a jump back to Thanksgiving real quick. What did you all do? We had our typical family dinner with all of the food you could ever think of. We could have fed the whole neighborhood and the next neighborhood over. Filipinos and Irish people really know how to cook for a town. We went to bed pretty early on Thanksgiving night because we got up and went to Yuma, Arizona. If you have been around for a while (meaning you were a follower of my old blog) then you know what  Yuma, Arizona after Thanksgiving means. Yup, We went Racing. For 2 days. and just like every year, we had a complete blast and then came home like zombies. Because seriously, I am still trying to get my energy back and it's wednesday!

It's already December 3rd and I feel like this month is going to fly by, which I am sad of because it's my favorite time of year! I better work on getting Christmas Decor up this weekend so I can enjoy it in all it's glory! Oh, and I am going to enjoy this rain too, and cuddling with that cute husband of mine.

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