Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Married-est Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all, on this happiest of december 24th day. or like i am calling it this year 'married christmas' because you know when it's your first christmas married you kinda gotta be cheesy like that. and make up your own vocabulary no less. like married-est. tonight our one big happy family is gathering at our house for christmas eve dinner. more presents will be added under our already stuffed tree and grandpa's buttered rum will be hot and ready to serve. this really is my most favorite time of year. it really is a special thing getting to live so close to my family, the trips aren't so far away and we are able to spend the holidays together as one. and that's just what we are doing this year. the mr and i hope you all find yourself with the ones you love tonight, singing carols around the tree, and telling stories of the past. have a very married christmas everyone!! or merry christmas!

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