Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Moments.

we had ourselves a very married-christmas. we spent that sweet little 24th of december with our family at home getting full off love and mashed potatoes. when we awoke santa family had arrived with rolled out of bed hair and presents galore. that fire fighting dad of mine had to work but was able to come to the house for an hour to open presents. my sister, her boyfriend, my parents, and my speedracer gathered around the tree and shared some laughs while opening gifts and stockings. after a while the rest of the family joined us by the tree as we exchanged our secret santa gifts, which caused for surprise and excitement. we pick our secret santas on thanksgiving and have to wait until christmas so you can be sure there was anticipation. some more gifts were exchanged between us all before our traditional christmas breakfast. always the same thing too. egg nests. and boy are they delicious, it leaves our tummys full and us fighting over the last bite. after breakest that husband of mine and i headed up to my parents house and my dad back to work. we spent the day on mom and dads couch watching christmas movies with my sister, her boyfriend, my mama, and friend sarah. it was the perfect ending to our christmas.

we are still on christmas vacation mode - especially with all these twinkling lights and big trees still in sight. not that we mind though. but we've been enjoying the company of good friends and family. from bonfires and movie nights and watching football on sunday. it has been good to unwind before we have to get ready for our 4th annual new years eve party. i have been slowing down, in these last few days of 2014, and reminding myself to breathe in each moment that comes my way. i cannot believe we will soon have to say goodbye to this beautiful, most wonderful year we've had. but living this year with my cute new husband and our family and friends has been absolutely the best gift that i could have asked for this christmas. and thats the best part about christmas each year as we grow up, we are reminded that the year we just lived was a gift. the best gift. even though that super expensive camera you got is pretty exciting and wonderful. but it's all pretty small compared to the moments we get to spend with the people we love. don't you think?

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