Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Adventures

It's been quite the week over in these parts. our week started off with christmas shopping and wrapping presents to be placed under our tree. our tree is really in the christmas spirit because its getting full of presents tucked beneath it. I'm not complaining because i love seeing all the gifts under the tree, ready to be opened here in a few days. On tuesday sarah and i headed off through the rain to disneyland. the trip was fun but cold and wet, we were a little nervous about the weather ruining our two-day trip. but alas, we arrived and checked into our hotel before heading over to california adventures. sarah had bought me an annual disney pass for christmas but gave it to me early so we could go see disneyland during the holidays. we walked around california adventures and rode some rides. my favorite was the cars ride in carsland. you can take a girl out of the race track but you can't take the racetrack out of the girl. i was like a big kid in a candy store. it was definitely my favorite part of the trip. it started to get late and a little chilly so we decided to head back to the hotel, eat dinner, and relax. we curled up in bed, with some wine, and watch an episode of sons of anarchy before going to sleep. the next day we spent all day at disneyland, and boy was it exciting. we got through all the rides pretty quickly and i'm not complaining at all.

we got back wednesday night and we were exhausted. thursday i spent the day shopping for that sweet husband of mine. it was the only time i had without him so i had to get his presents bought and wrapped before he got home. friday i went on an adventure with my friend kat. we boarded a plane at 6:30am to san fransisco where we had a 5hr layover thanks to the weather, but that's okay because we ran into an old friend we hadn't seen in a while. it was lovely. we boarded another plane at las vegas and arrived around 4pm. we had time to go to the room, change, and do our makeup before we headed off to her sisters beautiful wedding. after the wedding and a nice dinner we wanted to see a show but our travels had us exhausted so we headed to sleep. at 4:30am we headed back to the airport and did two more flights back home. las vegas to san fran, san fran to san diego. My mr. speedracer picked me up from the airport and i came home to try to catch a nap which didn't work. around 4 we took off to go to mr. speed racers company christmas dinner. it was lovely, great food, great friends, and the most beautiful view of san diego and the bay. after dinner we went to look at christmas lights with some friends, we took a trip to a few of san diegos biggest light displays. it was gorgeous. but i was exhausted. we came home and it was a night for me. but this past week has been well worth it. this adventurous girl is ready to relax and cuddle up for the holidays. i can't believe christmas is here in just a few quick days.

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