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November 20th, 2010

It was 4 years ago, yesterday, on November 20th 2010 that I put on a little black dress and went to a Race Banquet with a guy you may know as Speedracer. Of course, back then you would have just known him as "Devon, that guy in the #9 street stock" because that's how I knew him. But soon after that banquet I realized he was much more than just a guy in a white camero, He was my future!!

You see, I was at the ripe age of 20 and decided to adventure back into the racing world after not being there for a while. I had a fantastic group of friends, new and old, that talked me into coming and supporting some of our friends who were racing. A few weeks later I joined again and my friends were cheering loudly for a certain boy, one I had never heard of. But then, we drove past his pit and he waved. I didn't get a good look at him because I was nervous to see who my friends were waving too. I peaked out of the corner of my eye. The next race this boy walked over to our group of friends and a brief "that's ashlee, that's devon" was exchanged between friends. The following weekend we were at a mutual friends house and honestly, I have no memory of that Speedracer-Boy being there but he remembered me. He asked some of our friends about me and they told him he didn't stand a chance. My Friends for the Win! 

That following week was my best friends birthday, she was a mutual friend of ours and so we both found ourselves there. I remember SR being on the other side of the table and he swears there was only 3 people sitting between us. That was the night SR officially introduced himself to me, in a short and awkward conversation in a booth where he sat down because he saw me sitting alone. We became friends, exchanged numbers after he got the courage to ask me for my number and we started talking as friends do. We saw each other every weekend and sometimes during the week but that was a rare occasion. He brought me flowers to my house when I was sick and even saw me in my pajamas with sloppy joe up my face. He thought it was cute. My Parents laughed at me. and I was terrified.

Come October we were at a friends BBQ in which I had to leave early from since I had something to do early the next morning. SR walked me to my car, it was a cold night with fog that filled the sky. I was in my car with the heater blasted while SR shivered as he kneeled outside my drivers door. He asked me to be his date to the race banquet that was coming up and Of course I said yes. It could have been because I felt bad he was shivering outside my door or that our friends were pushing us to fall in love, or maybe it was because I was genuinely beginning to fall for him but would never admit it.

The night of the banquet we ventured off with some of our close friends and settled into our hotel rooms. The girls all piled into the bathroom to get ready as the guys hung out downstairs talking to other friends from the race track. The banquet was a blast. Our table was definitely the loud, party table. We danced between awards being given, we always cracked jokes, and we made our own version of a Trophy as we stacked empty beer cans and bottles ontop. And after, we even got kicked out of a few hotels rooms for being too loud so we adventured to the hotel bar where shots were flowing and laughter was a must. Memories were made, it was the time of my life, up to this point at least.

During the course of the banquet I had finally admitted to myself and to my friends that I had feelings for SR. I had tried to fight the feelings for almost 3 months now but couldn't shake that "swoon" factor. He was a Gentlemen. and most importantly, he made me laugh. I felt safe with him, and I loved that fact that every where we went someone stopped him to talk to him. People loved him. and I loved that. It showed me how beautiful his soul was. and I loved learning more about him. At the banquet I met his grandparents and his dad's girlfriend. I had met his dad at the races a few week prior so it was nice seeing him again. I felt accepted and it was a breath of fresh air.

2 days later he was at my house with my family celebrating Thanksgiving and 2 days after that I was with his family celebrating Thanksgiving. I guess you could say that it was a done deal. We knew we would be together and that was that.

And so, My Darling Speedracer, Thank you for getting me to put on that little black dress so many years ago. Because if it wasn't for this particular night, I wouldn't have been able to put that White Dress on 7 months ago when I got to become your forever banquet date.

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