Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Heart Surgery

I often find when I start to get back in the groove of blogging after a long period of being away, something else always seems to get in the way and I'm gone again. Just like that. But this time, I had a reason. A very good reason, not just a "oops I got busy" type reason.

I've mentioned before that I was born with not one but two Congenital Heart Defects. I've been on medication my whole life, I've had 4 open heart surgeries on top of other Heart related procedures. And every year I go in for a yearly check up that results in a multitude of tests and a 24 hour wear of a heart monitor. This year was no exception. The last day of September we went in and sat the 3 or 4 hours in the hospital doing test after test, and this year I had a stress test, which they told me went pretty well. So that was great news. But when we finally got to sit down with my Cardiologist, he did say he had some concerns.

He told us how the top 2 chambers of my heart seem like they have decided to check out and work when they want. They've gotten slower, which we always knew because my heart beat has always been super irregular and slower than normal. He brought up the Heart Catherization Procedure and said he wanted to perform one to get a closer look at my heart. I hadn't had a HCP in 11 years so my mom and I agreed it was about time. My Doctor also brought up the possibility of installing a Pace Maker into my heart, something we have been discussing for the past 3 years, but he didn't want to make the call until we did the HCP and saw what was going on within my heart. And so, the Heart Catherization Procedure was scheduled, but the days leading up to my surgery, i found myself in the ER with chest pains and short of breath. SR and I sat in the ER for several hours with multiple tests ran before they sent me home. Nothing really came of my visit, they told me I should find out more during my Heart Cath Procedure, which now was 1 day away. 

On October 30th at 7am we headed to the hospital. We did the normal, sign in and then wait to be called in. Pre-Op started around 9am, in which we did more waiting around but they also checked my vitals, asked way to many questions, checked my height and weight. You know....the usual. And finally by 10:45, my mom and speedracer walked with me into the Operating Room. I kissed and hugged my Grandma and Dad before they went into the waiting room, and then I was off to the OR. I changed into my gown, and was surrounded by a room full of about 8-9 doctors and nurses. They were all very kind and sort of shocked by all the jokes I was cracking minutes before they were about to operate. When I laid down on the OR table, My Speedracer was able to stand next to me as they got me hooked up the machines, started the IV, and began to put me under anesthesia. My, very nervous SR, held my hand while my mom was to the right of me with her hand on my shoulder. It took all about 5 minutes and I was out. 

The Surgery lasted about 2 hours, everything looked great, except for two large vessels they ended up plugging up. This would eliminate any clots or messing up patterns of blood flow because the vessels were originally skipping blood flow to my lungs and staying in my heart. But, now all is well. After the surgery I was in recovery for 6 hours, making sure I didn't move my legs (which is where the incision sight was at) so no clots were formed or I didn't start to bleed out of the sight. Luckily around 8pm I was discharged and aloud to go home. SR and I went up to my parents house for the weekend so I could rest and be comfortable. My friend Sarah, my Nana, My Sister, and My Sister's Boyfriend were also there to help take care of me, which basically was helping me get up out of bed if I needed to because walking wasn't my best suit at this point. By saturday I was up and moving and little more, I was very sore and wasn't feeling the best, but I was walking around and getting my blood flowing in my legs. 

Speed up a week, and I'm still very sore and slow. But I am able to walk around and not be stuck in bed. With all the down time I have had you'd think I would be able to type a blog but I haven't hand the energy between walking around and standing up. Surgery definitely takes a lot out of you, and my body has been off in energy and functioning. So now, you are getting a blog post, as I sit up on my couch and have a Grey's Anatomy Marathon. Hellloooo Hot Doctors!!!

And so, there is an update from me. Again. But this time with very good reason as to why I have been MIA. I have a list of ideas of blog posts I would like to post this holiday season and just in general. You all know this is my favorite time of year so I always have something to write about. Thanks for being patient with me. 

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