Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Honeymoon Roadtrip Pt. 3

In October I wrote Part 1  and Part 2  of our Honeymoon Roadtrip. I am excited to say that I am finally back with the last part of our wonderful trip up California's Highway 1.

We left off leaving the Monterey area and continued our drive up North. I was excited, and yes very emotional, to be heading in the direction that we were. It was back towards my territory, my home. And I was super excited to be showing that sweet husband of mine all the fun places I grew up around. To get to our first destination we had to drive through San Francisco, in which Speedracer was very excited about, even though we'd be back to enjoy SF the next day.

We arrived at our 2nd camping sight of our trip, the Petaluma KOA. I had driven by this KOA more times than I could remember as a kid but was excited to go see what was inside. It was still pretty early in the day so we wanted to set up camp and go adventure off to special places of my families and now to SR and I.

We then headed off to Petaluma so I could show my Speedracer the Beach house that I grew up in and where my family has stayed for years. It's at a lovely beach called, Dillons Beach, and it holds a special place in our hearts for a couple of reasons. We drove through the rolling hills and watched the old farm houses pass us by. I got emotional seeing a place I hold dear to my heart, the place I've been telling SR about for 4 years now, it was oh so good to be back even if it was for a little while. After we spent about 20 minutes just enjoying the view from the beach house and story telling. We decided to head up little further up the road from Petaluma to Bodega Bay. I told SR about the Salt Water Taffy store that is tucked away off the highway. We love Salt water taffy and this was a must stop for my family and I.

It started to get chilly and we wanted to head back to camp to start dinner before the sun went down. So we jumped in the car and took the beautiful, twisty country roads back to camp as we took in the scenery and talked about how SR was enjoying seeing places that were dear to me and my heart. For dinner, My Speedracer made some potatoes, corn, and stuffed hamburgers. It was delicious. We ate dinner and then sat by the campfire, drinking some beer as we enjoyed each others company. We told stories, we laughed, and then we got cold. So we called it a night and saved our energy up for the next day.

We got up and headed to San Francisco. I hadn't been to San Fran in about 4 years and this was my SR's first trip there. We were both a little excited. We drove around the city a bit, getting lost in China Town, and then driving down Lombard Street, you know because that's what you HAVE to do when you visit San Fran. By this time we got hungry so we parked the car down by Pier 39 and walked until we found something that looked good. SR had never been to The Rainforest Cafe so we decided to sit down for a very yummy margarita and some food.

After lunch we found ourselves at the Wax Museum, which was redone from the last time I was there, but it was very cool and kind of creepy how realistic they all were. We also got our hands waxed into a shape of a heart, because we are cheesy newlyweds. After the wax museum, we decided to go into an attraction called "The San Francisco Dungeon," it's a newer attraction just off Pier 39, and it's an interactive show/ride that tells you 200 years of San Francisco's scary, cryptic history. This was by far my favorite part of visiting SF this trip. SR and I couldn't stop laughing and being scared out of our minds. And of course, I got picked on by the cast members. The "tour" takes place down in tunnels underground, and I was told to stand in a dark elevator by myself, not touching anyone or anything. Just think, Disneyland's Haunted Hotel elevator at the beginning of the ride. Yes, I had to stand in a room like that in the dark alone. And then I had to walk down a long, curvy, dark tunnel by myself. Of course my Speedracer was laughing at me while he heard me screaming the whole way. It was all in good fun though, we had a blast and I took one for the team.

We then decided to walk on Pier 39 and go into all the shops along the pier. We stood and looked at Alcatraz for a while before we decided it was getting cold and we needed coffee. We grabbed some coffee before making our way back to the car so we could head back to camp for dinner. We made some dinner and repeated our night from before, just sat around the campfire, drank beer, and talked about how fun our trip had been. We were sad that it was quickly coming to an end.

The next day we packed up our campsite and headed to Napa Valley for some good ol' wine tasting. We knew we had to make the trip to my Nana's house in Sacramento so we picked 4-5 wineries to go to and enjoy for a little bit at a time. We mostly wanted to walk around and see how beautiful all of these places were, picture perfect, really. The 4 beautiful Wineries we went to were:: Domaine, Beringer (Brothers) Vineyard, Robert Mondovi, and Andretti Winery. They were perfect.

We had told my Nana that we would make it for dinner so we decided to head to my hometown of Elk Grove, CA. I absolutely loved driving through Sacramento and pointing out things that I loved to my Speedracer. Out of our 4 years together, he had not yet been to my hometown and we were both excited to be there, even if it was for a few short days. The rest of the night was just spending hanging out with my parents, nana, and aunt. It was definitely relaxing for Speedracer and I to relax and not have to drive. Oh, and taking hot showers in a real shower. The Best.

Friday morning, my sister flew in so we picked her up from the airport and decided to drive around Elk Grove showing SR where we grew up. My Dad drove us out to the small country town of Wilton where he grew up and showed us the house he grew up in, the farm land my Grandpa owned, his first fire station, and his school. Which were all like 5 minutes from each other. We drove out to the neighborhood my parents lived in when they had my sister and I. It was nice showing SR my first house I had ever lived in and tell stories of growing up there. We also found the local Dirt Track which we obviously had to stop by because what kind of trip would it be for us without Racing? We decided to drive to downtown Sacramento for some lunch and beer. We walked around the State Capital and then went to a little hidden away brewery.

The next day we went to my aunts house for a surprise 90th birthday party for my Grandma. She thought that she was going to my Aunts for their monthly family game day, little did she knew some of her old friends and family were going to be there to Surprise her. She was definitely surprised when all of us walked in, she was very excited. We spent the day with the family, taking tons of pictures together, laughing and making memories.

Grandma with her 1st generation of Grand Children.
(I'm the Baby of the group, so obviously I'm the favorite)

The next day we packed up and drove the 9 hours back home to San Diego. It was definitely a long week but we had a blast from the beginning to the end. SR and I loved the idea driving along the coast together, just the two of us on adventures that we will never forget, and then ending our trip in my hometown with my family. It was the perfect Honeymoon Roadtrip. I cannot wait for the next trip that we decided to take together, we think we may want to do another coast trip. <3

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