Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Honeymoon Roadtrip Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Honeymoon Roadtrip. If you missed Part 1, Click Here.  You really don't want to miss a single part of this fun adventure that my sweet groom and I took back in August.

We left off in Big Sur, CA or as I like to call it "the most magical place in the world," because seriously it's if disneyland and the enchanted forest had a baby. Seriously, I'm obsessed. We woke up pretty early in the morning and just soaked in the last little bit of Big Sur before we packed up Betty, my kia soul, and made our way to Monterey, CA for some seaside breakfast. We parked a little far off from Cannery Row, because we wanted to be able to walk along and take in the sights. But when we finally made it to Cannery Row, we were in awe and so in love. It was everything my parents told us it was, and more.

We ended up walking all the way to the end of Cannery Row, which ends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and then we walked a little further which is where we found a place to sit and eat for breakfast. It was tucked away in a corner so we didn't see it at first, but a couple walked by told us to go there and we are glad we did because "First Awakenings" was delicious. Best Eggs Benedict EVER!

After breakfast we decided to roam around Cannery Row and do some shopping. Of course we just had to go into the candy store, Sugar, and bulk up on some sweets. My Husband is very passionate about his candy selection. And then we found an indoor mini-theme park. It had a Mirror Maze AND Lazer tag. So of course we spent a good 45 minutes lost in the mirror maze, with me clinched to my mans arm because I started to panic. Luckily, we survived. And we went on our way to pick up some cute coffee mugs and other little things. Once we made it back to our car, we decided to head up the road a bit to visit one of my dad's friends from the fire station who was transferred up to Monterey. It was nice seeing an old friend on our roadtrip before we made it up to Santa Cruz, CA.

We checked into our hotel, the only hotel stay on our trip, and headed to spend the rest of our day at the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It was just what we were wishing it to be. We loved it!!

We walked around the boardwalk, got a delicious strawberry milkshake, did some shopping, and walked to the end of the pier to get dinner at a place called The Firefish. The view from dinner was amazing because we looked out to the water and towards the lit up boardwalk. After dinner and some drinks we took a stroll on the beach, wrote our names in the sand, and enjoyed being cheesy newlyweds on the beach. We were exhausted by this point so we headed back to our hotel and did what any newlywed couple does on their honeymoon.....We watched "Hey Arnold" reruns on Nick-at-Night. Seriously, I kid you not. We even fell asleep with the TV on. #newlywedlife

The next morning was one that I was super excited about, we were now headed to MY territory. The places I grew up in and visited as a kid with my family. Fun Fact: I'm originally from Sacramento, CA so we are heading up towards my old hood. We headed further up the coast and the drive was amazing. We also found a cute little lighthouse along the way, I was really excited to find it because I knew that was one thing I wanted to find on our coast trip - and boy was it beautiful. A little piece of history that I loved.

We ventured off more into Northern California and made a few pit stops along the way to take pictures and even eat lunch at a Taco Bell that was on the beach. Really, they had a deck in the back and you could surf, then dry off, walk up the stairs and into the Taco Bell for lunch. We were really excited by this. We still had a lot of the day ahead of us so we ventured off to make sure we made it to our next destination since we had a lot planned for the evening. But, that's for another blog post.

I will give you a hint as to where we went next, what do you think we did??

Be ready, because Part 3 (and our final part) is up next...

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