Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why you should Road Trip.

After this past week, I believe that every married couple should take a roadtrip.
It doesn't matter if you have been married for years or decades or if you're a newlywed.
Speedracer and I had a blast this past week on our Honeymoon. A road trip was the perfect
trip for us and we would do it over and over again. There is truly nothing like seeing the world
with the one you love. We can't wait to be able to go out of the country and see more together.

Now, I have a post coming about our Honeymoon, full with stories and pictures. But,
I'd like to share with you some things we learned on our trip and why I think every married
couple should pack up their cars and hit the road for a week with little to no distractions.

1) You learn more about each other.
Although SR and I have been together for nearly 4 years and are now married - I find myself
learning more about him every day and our road trip enabled me to discover more. When you
are stuck in the car with someone for a week, you definitely get the chance to learn more about
them. Lots of laugher and deep conversations are built along the way, we talked more than we
listened to music. I learned that he loves to camp and has never truly seen the mountains or
a countryside full of rolling hills. He learned why I am a country girl and why I think the
mountains are beautiful. He learned about where I grew up and the places that make up
who I am. I learned that he knows the words to nearly every Backstreet Boys song.

2) Driving in Silence is a Beautiful thing. 
We had our music selections but we chose to talk more then anything. Talking about things
are excited to see on our trip, future wishes for our marriage, and random conversations made
so many memories for us. But, we also realized that driving in silence is beautiful. There were
times when we were so in awe of the scenery around us that we say in silence looking out the
window and breathing in the beauty of California Highway 1. The California Coast truly is a
beautiful thing. You get the ocean and you get the mountains. We were blessed. There is
something beautiful about sitting in silence with the person you love; taking in the adventure.

3) You don't always need a plan or reservation. 
I am a planner. I always have to have things planned out before I embark on anything.
But, my SR told me he didn't want everything to be planned out because taking one day
at a time would make for some awesome memories and big adventures. I was skeptical.
But, saturday night we decided to leave (instead of sunday morning) and we called a
hotel 2 1/2 hours away from our home to sleep for the night. But when we got to the 
hotel we were told they canceled our reservations so we found ourselves at a IHOP 
eating pancakes at 12am with no place to stay. Luckily, we found a place another hour
up the road and checked into a VERY, CREEPY rundown hotel under a freeway over
pass. We laughed it off the next morning. We headed on our way and then called 
campsites along the way and 1 hotel. It was definitely adventure but doing it together
was the best adventure of all.

4) You need time alone away from your daily routine. 
This is pretty much common sense, but you truly do need some time away from your
daily routine and the people you see or talk to on a regular basis. Between your work
schedule and your significant others schedule - you could really be missing time with 
them. It's good to plan a trip, even if it's just for the weekend, to get away from it all and 
just be one with your honey. A lot of our trip we found ourselves with no cellphone service.
And I am not complaining. I absolutely loved having no connection to social media. We
had no distractions and we were able to fully engage in each others company. It was nice. 

5) You appreciate the time spent with your honey.
The hours that SR has at work are always unpredictable. Growing up with a Dad whom
is a Fire Fighter has made it easier on me to deal with the crazy hours that my Husband
works as a truck driver. 8hr shifts turn into 20 and 20 hours turns into 2 days on the road.
My favorite place in the world to be is right beside my Husband - yes, I know thats very
"dependent" of me but it's true. I love being with my Husband and sometimes, because of
schedules, that's not always possible. So I loved the fact that it was just the two of us on the
road, in a tent, on the beach, in the mountains - all week with no distractions. It gives you time
to reconnect and fall in love all over again. It's always good to make time for things like that.

I love to travel. I love seeing parts of the world/country that I haven't seen before. I love
the adventure and the unknown. I love getting out of San Diego and finding some place new
to fall in love with. The California Highway 1 Coast trip was the perfect way to do all of that.
I have been wanting to go out of the country for a while now and I think my next big trip is
going to be to get out of the country and adventure. I'm thinking London and Ireland. Beautiful
places I have never seen but have always wanted to. Once in a life time trips, of course.

All I know - is wherever I go next, I want my Husband there right next to me, every time.
Just the two of us against the world and seeking out the adventure and memories!!

What has been the best trip you've ever been on?
Or what trip do you want to go on?

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