Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Heading back to School

The start of a new school semester is also really exciting for me, even though I am not a huge fan of actually going to school. I love putting together my new school supplies and knowing that soon I will be able to fill up all of the blank, fresh pages in my notebooks. Call me a nerd, but that's any writers dream. I am finally, after many years of switching majors and continuously hating everything I do, I am about to finally finish up school and get my degree....before going to school and getting a higher degree. Once a student, always a student. #not-studious. I think the reason I love the start of the fall semester is because of just that, THE FALL. I have been waiting all summer for summer to come to an end, and now, it's almost here. I cannot wait to see the leaves begin to change color, the clouds to appear, and the misty weather as I walk from class to class. It's my favorite part of going back to school.

Going back to school also gets me focused.
and after this summer - I definitely need to get myself focused again...

Continue to stay away from Soda; you're doing awesome.
* You need to learn to live without Sugar. Try it. 
* Drink Tea or 1 cup of coffee & remember to eat something in the morning for energy 
Make A Healthy Lunch for yourself!! 
* Salad and Other greens are your best friends! 
* Don't have work or school? REST!! You don't always have to go out! 
* Sleep when you have the chance but get your house hold chores done first 
* Find time to work out; treadmills have can get your reading done

OTHER TIPS FOR SCHOOL: * Don't Procrastinate, or try not too. The Earlier you finish the more free time you have
* Work Diligently; Don't race to finish!!
* Study! Study! Study!
* Take as many notes in your classes as you can, it will make your life easier!
* Get up early- Don't rush to leave, chances are you won't make it & you'll forget stuff!
* GET A DAY PLANNER!! This will save your life! :)

Tomorrow is the start of my semester so today I am spending all day cleaning, getting organized, and focusing my energy into staying FOCUSED this semester, between school and my lifestyle (health, mental health, relationships, hobbies, etc).

Good Luck this semester for all you students out there! We got this!!


  1. Aren't you just a good student. I loved it. I wish I appreciated college more because I learning so much but I detest it in a structured environment being forced on me. Did you change your major to journalism?

    1. Uhm, so I'm back. LOL
      I am about to post a blog explaining why I've been gone. I MISS YOU!

      No, I didn't change my major to journalism, I probably should have but I am so close to being done with my current major that I don't want to have to start again. I hate school haha

      -Ashlee Michelle


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