Monday, August 18, 2014

50 Facts + Link Up

The other day I wrote "Depression at 14" and since then I have been thinking of more ways I could open up and tell you all more about me! So I figured it would be a lot of fun to do a 50 Random Facts Tag.  I have created a linkup if you'd like to join me and pass the tag onto your bloggy friends.

1) My family is from a small town called "Elk Grove"
2) I wanted to be a 23yr old Bride because my mom was a 23yr old Bride. Success!
3) I'm deathly afraid of water because I was tossed off an inner tube at 3 years old.
4) If my sister was watching a Scary movie, I would go sit outside because I was so afraid.
5) My Husband and I met at a race track but first talked at a bar.
6) At 19 I didn't believe in love. At 20 I met my husband and my mind was forever changed.
7) People who believe they are entitled to things disgust me. I despise entitlement. yuck.
8) I'm a National Cheerleading Champion.
9) I'm going to school for Child and Family Development.
10) People think I yell when I talk but I just come from a Loud family.
11) I don't cook. at all. I attempt, but I always end up hating it. 
12) To comfortably fall asleep I have to be touching my Husband.
13) I forgive way to easily.
14) I've only kept 3 friendships for longer then 2 years. I'm the worst at keeping friendships.
15) My Sister and My Mom are my 2 Best Friends.
16) I feel like the day is wasted if I don't have a Starbucks.
17) I learned to drive in a Chevy Truck, My First car was a Nessan Sentra, and I currently drive a Kia Soul.
18) I have had every single hair color imagined. 
19) I am obsessed with Peter Pan. Obsessed!!
20) I do my best thinking and writing between 2-4am
21) I've won an award for "Best Comedic Relief" at least 4 times.
22) I broke my wrist fist fighting my sister on a trampoline.
23) I could eat Kale Chips all day. every day.
24) I associate Sept 13th, Nov 20th, Dec 11th, Jan. 1st, and April 19th with my Husband. 
25) I suffer from severe Anxiety.
26) I am a major backseat driver when it comes to my Husband Driving.
27) I'm always the first one to say "I'm Sorry" even if it takes me a while.
28) I hate the beach and yet, I live by the beach. 
29) I have an unhealthy obsession with Peach and Sweet Tea.
30) I hate hot drinks, except for Hot Apple Cider.
31) I'm a serious tomboy but I am a total girly-girl.
32) I'm a natural blonde and nobody ever believes me.
33) I'm a total Musical Theatre Nerd.
34) I have a really hard time accepting things and leaving the past in the past.
35) I have 5 tattoos and want more.
36) I hate living in California.
37) I love to travel and want to go to the UK.
38) I get along way better with Toddlers and Dogs then I do with Adults.
39) I treat people how they treat me, not how I want to be treated. 
40) I've sang up on stage with country singer, Martina McBride.
41) Christmas is my absolute favorite.
42) I have to have music blasting in my car every time I drive.
43) I can't walk through walmart/target without going to the Makeup Isle.
44) One day I would love to be a published author.
45) I share a birthday with Paul McCartney (The Beatles) and Blake Shelton.
46) I have a 3 Chamber Heart. 
47) I am barefoot 95% of the time. I seriously hate shoes.
48) I believe the world is a much better place because of the mountains.
49) I sell Scentsy. and I love it.
50) I cannot stand when people aren't truthfully loyal. 

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  1. I loved this girl! You are so awesome. We have so much in common too. I am with you on the hair color... I have had every color too but I love people on you.

    PS: Resend that email you said you sent me. I did not get it.

    Love you babe!


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