Monday, July 14, 2014

A message about Beauty

The other day I heard the song "Try" by Colbie Caillat and I immediately burst into tears.
I believe the song has such a strong message attached to it and I love that Colbie decided
to rock her natural beauty in the video as a way to push the message across to her fans.

The song is about how us women wake up every day, sit in front of the mirror, and transform
ourselves into someone completely different. We curl our hair, add extensions, paint our nails,
push ourselves to have the perfect diet, and put on a bunch of make up. And when we leave the house, we don't even look like ourselves or even act like ourselves. We are something different.
We are what society has pushed us to be and what society has said is acceptable. and that's sad.

As the song goes on, the lyrics read about how we should not be shy to be who we are and whom
we are meant to be, the skin we were born to live with, Our natural beauty. Colbie reminds us
that we shouldn't care what others think, we should love ourselves and not TRY so hard to
become someone that is unrecognizable, someone who isn't US. The most beautiful thing 
a person can be is themselves. We don't always have to look perfect, dress the best, have
the most loved personality, the skinniest, the tannest. We just have to be ourselves. Naturally.

And so, I encourage all of you today - to embrace your NATURAL Beauty. Your Natural Self.
Be You. Be Beautiful. Be Fearless. Be Natural. Be Happy. 


  1. You are so awesome Ashlee. I stayed on your blog until I watched the video and heard the song. So beautiful. It's a strong message too. It's incredible how the media and beauty standard is now... utterly exhausting at times.

    1. You are Awesome, Liz. :)
      Yes I love this song and the message behind it. So beautiful. I love when artist come out and do stuff like this because it shows people that they don't ALWAYS have to live like the media tells us too. Society sucks. lol


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