Friday, July 11, 2014

My Bridal Shower Pool Party

oh hey, remember that time you set 3 posts to be automatically posted this week and than
none of them decided to post? Oh right, that just happened. Let's just say this blogger is not
very happy because it appears that she was been gone for a week. boo. Moving on. Next...

Before I took the stroll down the isle, My Bestie Kat, threw me a very dreamy Bridal Shower.
I didn't tell her much about what I wanted because I wanted her to be able to do her crafty thing.
All I told her was that I wanted to keep "racing" in the theme but obviously do it in a more Lady-
like way, and so I said "Why don't we do a Kentucky Derby" theme. And then, the day was out
of my hands. In mid-march, family came into town and my closest girl friends gathered in my
Aunt's backyard for a day of cocktails and celebrations. We wore fancy, floppy hats and dresses.
We definitely brought the south to San Diego. (which has always been a dream of mine because
I swear I'm supposed to be a Southern Belle, not a San Diego Girl. #californiaproblems)..

My Beautiful, Bridesmaids.

Mommy, Nana, Myself, Sister, Aunt 

Auntie-In-Law AND Grandma-In-Law. (aka, the Original Miss/Mrs. F)
Aunt, Grandma, and Sissy.
But seriously how cute is my grandma?
The one whom made my day BEAUTIFUL and DREAMY

And then it was like 92 outside, so we thought "What is a Bridal Shower without jumping in
the Pool to cool off?" -- and So, we became the worlds COOLEST (in more ways then one)
Bridal Party EVER!! Seriously, my girls and freaking amazing and life would be dull without them.


  1. LOVE THIS!!!! Such an awesome idea to have you all jump in the pool..It's moments like that you will forever remember about your wedding!
    I wish I could say I still talk to the lady who made my bridal shower possible but we dont speak/

    1. Thank You! It was seriously a blast. We all thought it was a crazy idea but we had so much fun after the fact. My sister tried to be sly and let go off the girls hands she was in-between and didn't jump in..but my Aunt snuck behind her and pushed her in. It was hilarious!

      Awww :( Yeah I don't speak to one of my bridesmaids anymore, she stopped speaking to me the DAY OF my wedding, ignored me the whole day! Sucks but oh well!


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