Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites + Blog Hop

Happy Friday Everyone!
I haven't done a Friday Favorites in maybe 2 weeks now, bad ashlee, so I figured I would
do one this week, especially since I have been loving a few things this week. Also,
I'm linking this blog on the link-up/blog hop over @ Wifesticated written by a fellow
San Diego Girl, Jessica. Check her blog out because she is fabulous.

This Weeks 5 Friday Favorites Are:

1. Blue Moon.
Ya'll know me - I'm a country gal and I love to drink beer. I was raised on Budweiser
and grew to love Coors. But now, you couldn't get me to touch them. I will drink Coors on
occasion like if that's all there is available, but usually I stay away from it. (I think I drank
too much Coors between high school (sorry mom) and 18-21. When I turned 21, my first legal
beverage was a Blue Moon. My sister introduced it to me and I just about passed out from
how good it was. And so now it's a favorite. You could also say that Blue Moon is my beer of
the month.

2. Tuesday Girl Nights.
My Friend Sarah and I have started a new tradition of Tuesday Girls Nights. Every Tuesday
she comes over and we make dinner, buy wine or blue moon, and watch Pretty Little Liars. 
The night consists of lots of laughter too, which is definitely a plus. It's nice to have a day in 
each week when I can just sit with a friend and laugh over everything and nothing. Drinking
Wine is always a plus too. 

3. Morning Starbucks runs with the Husband. 
For the past week, Speedracer has been getting up a tad bit earlier to take me to Starbucks
before work. I love these short moments in the morning with him before the long day.
Tomorrow (the 19th) will be 3 months since we've been Mr. and Mrs. I seriously cannot
believe it. and It really is the small things that make our marriage what they are. Even if
it's a quick starbucks run. I finally got my Mr. to love Iced Chai Teas. so that's been our
new favorite couple drink. So Cheesy us newlyweds. 

4. Being my own Best Friend.
I think it's very important to love yourself. I think it's important to be kind to yourself and
easy on yourself. Everyday you will discover something new about who you are and although
it can be a struggle sometimes, you'll always find your way. Always. I also know, that as hard
as friendships already are, it's sometimes difficult to find a person whom truly loves you with
all you are and all they have. They accept you for who you are and what you aren't. And it's
okay to step back when you feel like you don't have that type of friendship. And so, I've learned
that it's perfectly okay to be your own Best Friend. I think we should all be our own Best Friends,
no matter what the situation is. We need to learn to see the best in ourselves, laugh at our selves,
and love ourselves. It makes life a whole lot easier too. 

5. Mustache Straws.
Speedracer and I thought it was a good idea to go get slurpees after a long day, and when
we walked in we saw they had 4 different types of mustache straws. We got all of them. duh.
We got a kick out of them, we couldn't drink our slurpees or look at each other without 
cracking up. See, it really is the small things. The $0.99 small things. 

And there you have it, the 5 things that have been my favorite this week. You Like? Agree?

Kick off your boots, Grab a cold Beer, and Stay a while. 


  1. I've never tried Blue Moon (gasp!) but I am seriously going to give it a try after I finish Whole30! I haven't had a Slurpee in forever!! Wow, does that take me back, those straws are too cute!! Love your fav 5!

    1. Blue moon is amazing. You must squeeze an Orange Slice into it though to bring out the natural flavors. So yummy! I call blue moon my "I want the fall to be here so seasonal beers arrive" beer haha Blue Moon reminds me of fall. I'm weird! Ha

      We don't get Slurpees often, but I'm Married to a Big Kid and sometimes he gets too excited about the small stuff haha. :)

  2. Yay for Blue Moon - hefeweizens are the best! I'm also really into ciders like Bold Rock and Angry Orchard right now.

    1. I love Angry Orchard!! Everyone likes that Redds Apple And I hate it. Too fizzy! I'm like "I think I will stick with Angry Orchard" haha. Widers Pear Cider is also the bomb. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I'm sorry - I was on my honeymoon!!!!!! I am BACK!


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