Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Wedding Story: The Reception

April 19th 2014

If you missed the last 2 posts. Click the links below

Our Ceremony went as planned. Simply Perfect.
We then rushed off to take photos, but that's another post.
And when we came back it was time to party!!

After all the fun, cute stuff....

We know how to party..
There was seriously never a dull moment.
We pick awesome people to come party with us!
The Besties Husband and I even our traditional
dance off. It was a total hit with our guests!!

Our Photographer left earlier then our Reception ended
and so instead of doing a "Send Off" we did a HUGE group
picture which we think was a total great idea! We love it!

We finished the night by partying the night away with 
our favorite people in the world. We wouldn't have changed
Our day for anything. It was PERFECT..

Next, I will share with you our 
Wedding Party Photos.

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