Monday, June 2, 2014

My Emergency Room Trip

On Saturday, we attended a breath-taking wedding of our friends, Brian and Amanda.
I wore wedges for maybe only an hour but most of that time was spend sitting down.
We danced the night away, we partied, it was an awesome time. Memories were made.
My ankle got a little sore towards the end of the night and I assumed it was because I was
on my feet all day. Sunday morning was a different story.

My left ankle and foot has been sore for the last few weeks on and off. But, nothing serious
enough for me to think anything of it. It felt like my foot had fallen asleep so it was a
bit sore. On Sunday, the morning after the wedding, We came back home and was
hanging out with family. I was limping and couldn't put pressure on my foot. It begun
to swell and get stiff. I elevated my foot and iced my ankle. I was a cheerleader and 
gymnast, I know how this works. As the day went on the pain increased and by 7:00pm
I couldn't move my ankle or toes at all. Speedracers Grandma said she'd drive me to
Urgent Care in the morning which I agreed to do..but 7:30 rolled around and I was
 in such discomfort that I began crying. And so Off to Urgent Care we went.

We showed up to Urgent Care down by our house. My Speedracer took me. And I
was positive that they covered my insurance because it said so on line. My darling
husband lifted me into and out of the truck, I hobbled inside with 10min before closing
and they told me they didn't cover us. So, I hobbled back outside, got lifted into the
 truck and we began to drive home. I knew my primary doctor covered my insurance
but that was 45 minutes away so I would have to wait until morning. I called my mom
and asked her what I should do, she told me if I was in crazy pain to go to the hospital.
By this point, I was screaming from the pain so we headed off to the Emergency Room.
The wait wasn't too bad. We got in and out within 3 hours which is pretty damn good
for the ER.

Once we got there, they took my blood pressure and tempature, gave me some meds
for pain, and then wanted to take my blood. Uhm No.  I'm totally okay with needles..
but I am deadly afraid of getting my blood drawn. So, I began hyperventilating and
went into crazy panic mode. I think I freaked the nurse out a little bit. Luckily, I had
my husbands hand to death grip onto and he supported me the whole way through by
telling me things were going to be okay. They brought us back in the waiting room and
within 20 minutes they took me to get X-rays, then we waited another 30min or so before
they called us back into a room to see the doctor. Finally, we got results.

The doctor came and checked out my foot which was throbbing. She told me it wasn't
broken or fractured. (which I already knew because I didn't have black and blue spots anywhere)...and said it wasn't Red which is good because that means there is no
 infection in my foot. She told me how it looks like and sounds like I could have some
strain on my ligaments, tissues, and nerves in my foot..and told me seeing a nerve/tissue
specialist would be best because they can do X-rays (more like an MRI) to see if there
is damage to tissue/nerves. She diagnosed me with something called Plantar Fasciitis 
which is caused by strain in ligament that runs down the middle of your foot from
heel to toe. And which serious strain it can cause tears...which would make
since in the pain I feel. And with PF, this causes your feet to swell and discomfort to
take place. So they put a half cast on that is made of Fiber Glass which will hold my
foot in place since I can't flex it up myself without discomfort. EVEN though having
it propped up right now is causing some serious discomfort to me anyways.

They prescribed me 2 types of Pain Meds, told me to go see my Primary doctor within
2 days, and then sent me on my way. The ER Doctor wanted to do more blood work on
me but it was about 10:50 and we wanted to go home. I told her I would show my primary
doctor all the paper work I received, she believes the numbness I am feeling in my
foot (well, i guess you can't feel numbness) could be because I am low on my potassium
 intake, and since I am a Cardiology Patient, we are taking all precautions. So, it looks
 like I need to get more blood work.

Once we got home, I tried to hobble inside without my SR's help and totally tripped
up our front step and fell face first into our house landing on my right leg (the good one)
and felt my pinky toe crack under me. So, that's now swollen, black and blue. Safe to
say, I need a wheel chair and bubble wrap. I'm currently elevating BOTH feet and
don't see myself moving for the next few days. I keep dropping stuff and around
 the house and loosing my balance. #hottmess

I can deal with swollen feet but this discomfort is killing me!!!

And there was my last 24 hours. Hope yours has been ALOT better then mine!!
Atleast I have a super good-looking Dr. Husband (not really a doctor) to take care of me!

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