Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Makeup Tricks: Green Eyes.

I love having Green Eyes. 
Green Eyes are Rare and only 2% of the worlds population carry green eyes. (mostly females)

Makeup can be very tricky! Especially if you've never taken time to practice the art, or
had someone there to teach you how to properly apply product and to what area. Growing
up, I was always the friend that taught the girls how to do their makeup. I would get many
questions like "How'd you get your eyeliner to do that? How is your foundation so smooth?
How'd you get your lipstick to stay so long? How'd you get your eyeshadow to be that bold?"
And the answer was simple, I practiced. A lot. I would sit in front of my mirror with my
palettes of makeup and what little brushes I had, and just do my makeup over and over again.
It also helped having a big sister AND the fact that I was in dance, cheer, and theatre.

Over the years I've picked up new makeup tricks and applied them to my every day routine.
Tricks to bring out my natural features and my green eyes was one of those new found tricks.
And so here I am, to share with all my Green-Eyed Beauties out there, the tips and tricks to
bringing out those bold green eyes of ours. because lord knows we don't get enough attention.

Makeup Tricks for GREEN EYES.

  • Stay away from any Black products. Black is super harsh and I'll admit, I use black eyeliner from time to time and maybe a bit of black eyeshadow just to add definition to my look. But for the most part I am rocking the dark brown eye liner and eye shadow. 
  • Say Yes to Grey. Grey Eyeshadow is beautiful on those with green eyes. It brings out the grey swirls and under tones in our eyes. It's a great way to achieve a smokey eye too without making our eyes look blood shot from that black eye shadow we tend to reach for when wanting to be "Dramatic" or "Bold Smokey Eyed." 
  • Avoid Silver. I love shimmer, I love metallics. But I've found of the years that silver just doesn't do anything for my eyes. Just like black eyeshadow, it makes my eyes look irritated. If you want to rock the metallics, go for copper and golds. They will make your eyes pop!!!
  • Say Yes to Purples, Browns, and Oranges. Any shade of purple will be good to have and use on green eyes. Brown and Orange are also great colors to use because they aren't too harsh on the eyes and will pull the gold and yellow flecks in your eyes. I'm also talking about Tanish-Orange not bold, bright ORANGE. Use these colors in your crease and BOOM, your green eyes will shine. 
  • Orange, Copper, Coral, and Plum Lips are a Go. Lipstick can be a pain. I often find myself just wearing gloss or chapstick because I don't want go through the struggle of Lipstick. How a shade of Lipstick looks on you has a lot to do with your natural undertone. I am definitely a WARM-toned kind of gal. I have olive skin, green eyes, and plumish lips. So naturally, browns, golds, oranges, corals, and plum colors will fit me best. This is why I opt for lipsticks that have any shade or undertones of the colors above. 
  • Go for the pinks and the plums. I literally have 4 blushes. That's it. 4. And they are all in pink/plum family. It starts with a light shade of pink, then a bright shade of pink, to a semi-darker pink, to a plum. I am not one that needs a lot of blush and I have yet to find another blush I just "have to have." Pinks and Plums go great with my green eyes, they really make them stand out. But they also look good on my pale, but olive skin. If plum blush is "too much" for you, fade into it with a dark pink. OR mix your bronzer and blush to create a slighty darker shade! 

And there you have it - my tips and tricks for bringing out my GREEN EYES. These have definitely worked for me over the years and so I hope all my green-eyed gals out there will enjoy them too!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope the week is dragging on too much for you all, like it is for me!!

Kick off your boots, Grab a Cold Beer, and Stay a While. 

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