Monday, June 23, 2014

Makeup Personalities.

Makeup has many emotions and many personalities.
The way eyeliner is applied - elegantly winged or smudged out.
The way bronzer is applied - a deep contour or sun kissed brush.
The color eyeshadow used - spunky and bright, sexy and neutral, sassy and dark.
The perfect lipstick shade - Bold or Sheen. Glossy or Matte. Fierce or Simple.

I found make up at a young age, starting with glitter and smackers chapstick. I'm a 90-00's
kid obviously. By the time I got into middle school, my sister was in high school and playing
around with her new found makeup obsession; MAC. It was the most beautiful makeup products
I had ever seen. So smooth, so bold, so many options to choose from. And late at night, I would
sneak into her drawer in the bathroom and grab some of my favorite products and play with
different ways to do my makeup. I wanted to be like my sister. The Makeup, the hair, the clothes. I loved being a girl and getting to play dress up every morning. And finally, my mom allowed
me to go to K-Mart and pick out my very own makeup. Mascara, Blush, a few lip glosses ,
and eyeliner if I was careful enough to not jab my eyes out. I was in heaven. Maybelline and
Covergirl heaven! K-Mart was my kingdom. I never wanted to leave. (shout out to the small 
towns with K-marts)

In 8th grade, I went through a growing phase. A phase in which I was coming out of my shell and
was not allowing my peers to define who I was and what I was about. I had an every changing
style because makeup allowed me to do so. I was FEARLESS.  I loved that I could change my
makeup every day. Be colorful and girly one day, dark and mysterious the next, and fierce the day after. And with my ever changing makeup came different hair colors and clothes styles. I had a
blast confusing everyone with who I was that day. But why should I have to succumb to the norm
of what was being accepted?

As I grew older, purchased more makeup, and learned new techniques. I started to truly
understand the power makeup had. Not just the power to bring out our natural features. But
the power of change - to gain confidence or creating something new within myself. I learned
that makeup has many different personalities and every morning when I awoke to look in the
mirror at a blank canvas I couldn't wait to see what my makeup would do that day. It truly
is amazing how a certain color of lipstick can change your whole day around. Sometimes, It's
okay to rock the Red lipstick and not give a damn. Go for it girls! Rock that RED! Apply
that winged eyeliner! Be a Marilyn. A Bettie. An Audrey. Or even be a Avril. A Nicki.
A Ke$ha. The possibilities are endless and it's your choice, your blank canvas. 

"Kick off your boots, Grab a cold beer, and Stay a while."

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