Monday, June 9, 2014

Letting Life Happen

I'm sorry that I have been MIA since wednesday. I totally skipped out on Friday Favorites.
And I haven't posted anything in almost a week. But, I need some time away and time to rest.

If you read THIS post from last monday, then you know I went to the Emergency Room 
and had been told to take a week or so off my feet to relax. So, I decided to just take a
week or so off from just about everything and do some mental relaxing as well, and 
that meant No Blogging! Can you blame me though?

I can't believe it's June. 
Didn't my Speedracer and I just get married like a day ago? I cannot believe we are coming
up on 2 months, time is just flying by. But, It's been an awesome almost-two months and
I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not one bit. We've become closer and closer, we've begun 
to really work together as a team, and we are just letting life happen for us and our marriage. 

I've always had the "luck" of having my life change after big moments in my life, or even 
happy moments like a birthday. The change is never good, it's never anticipated or ever
wanted. But this year, 2014, I have made a promise to myself to just sit back and let life
take it's course. I'm a control freak. and I'm not afraid to admit that because it took me a 
long time to admit it in the first place. I just like things a certain way thats all. But, 
I know that by being in a constant "It has to happen 'this' way" state of mind is what 
brings me trouble. It also brings me let downs. But, not this year. Not this Ashlee. I've 
let go of the control, slowly but surely, and I'm just letting things happen. I'm letting 
life happen, just how it wants to happen and just like it should happen. Even if I don't 
agree from time to time. 

A couple days ago, I saw the quote from above and I realized just how true it was.
In the last several months, I have learned that when you let go of control and just let life
happen, things will fall into place how they are supposed to. People heal, the road leads 
you back home, you find what makes you happy again, and your life just keeps getting 
better and better....which is something you can't beat. 

Kick off your boots, Grab a cold Beer, and Stay a While.

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