Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites + Blog Hop

Happy Friday Everyone!
Can you believe it's the last friday in June already? And next friday
is the 4th of July? OMG. Time is flying by, Am I right?

It's been a really weird week, but I've also seen some light on it and
I pulled out a few of my favorites things this friday to share with you. Enjoy!


1. Orange is the New Black.
OITNB is a series that is on Netflix, only 2 seasons are out so far, 3rd is coming soon.
But I'm literally obsessed. I am impatiently waiting for the 3rd season, as I know so many
are. And although the show can get pretty raunchy, the story line is great and the cast of
Characters are my absolute favorite. I never stop laughing. #teamcrazyeyes

2. Spending some "Me" Time. 
Not only has my sweet husband been working his tail off at work but the boys have also
been getting race cars ready. because they are always working on race cars. And I've had a
little extra time at night before he comes home so I've been doing some Ashlee things.
I have gone to the mall TWICE this week, which is rare for me because I hate shopping. But,
I have found some super cute things this week. For once. I organized my vanity and all my
makeup. which was so needed. And I have been writing in my journal and just sitting on our
bed listening to music. so therapeutic may I add.

3. Our new Couch.
We have officially bought our first Husband and Wife piece of furniture and I love it.
We've always wanted a sectional and I am so glad that we found this one. The women
whom did our tables and linens for the wedding posted on Facebook that her Daughter
was selling their 2 yr old couch because it wouldn't fit in their new place. So, we jumped
on the opportunity and are so glad we did! It's also super comfortable too.

4. Peach Green Tea Lemonade.
My Go-to Summer Drink is back at Starbucks. enough said.

5. Jimmy Fallon.
I have been a fan of Jimmy Fallon's for many years, but ever since he took over
The Late Night Show, I have been watching him practically every day! And if I miss
a few shows I just go to his youtube page and watch the highlights of the show. I've
been pretty addicted. He is also super talented. And funny. and pretty easy on the eyes.
and a Dad. which makes him even more adorable and lovable.

And so, there you have it my 5 favorite things to finish out June. What a month.
I cannot wait to see what July has to bring. I cannot believe July is upon us, this summer
is going by way to fast. way. to. fast. But that also means that August is almost here, which
means HONEYMOON ROAD TRIP! I am so excited. I cannot wait! eeeek!

What were some of your favorites this week?

I'm hoping around and saying hello to new blog friends. Join me.



Kick off your boots, Grab a cold Beer, and Stay a While.


  1. Hey! Just stopping by from the blog hop and wanted to thank you for linking up! Love your blog and I honestly think that the purple hair is freakin amazing and you pull it off like a pro!

    1. Hello and Welcome! :)

      Thank You! Deleting my old blog that I had for 6 years and trying to start a new one has been rough so getting out there and making friends is what I've been striving to do. I love doing Link-Ups and meeting new people/finding new blogs to follow. :)

      Also, Thank You for your sweet comment. I am loving my Purple Hair!!

      -Ashlee Michelle

  2. Hi! I stumbled over to you blog from the Friday Link up. I'm a big fan of Five for Fridays and love seeing what other people are loving. I JUST sytarted watching Orange is the New Black after a year of everyone telling me I should watch it and I'm hooked! It's so stinking good!


    1. Hi Lara! Welcome! :)

      I love Five for Fridays too..reading them is so much fun! Especially when you randomly find someone whom has the same favorites as you haha.

      Isn't Orange is the New Black amazing? I seriously cannot wait for season 3 to come out. My sister and her boyfriend obsess over it with me so I'm glad i have people to talk to about it! haha


  3. Nice new couch! By the way, I just found your blog from the cupcakes and crossbones link up! Excited to be following along via Bloglovin!

    1. Thank You! and YAY! I am so excited. I will head over and return the favor. This is my favorite part of Link UPs :)

  4. Love the new couch!! & me time is the best - i told myself I would spend 30 minutes a day reading and it hasnt happened yet. Starbucks is dangerous!!

    Have a great week darling!

    1. Happy July!!! I've been so busy this week that I haven't posted ANYTHING or read anything. Ah!

      Thank You! We love our new couch so much! It's comfortable. We fall asleep on it all the time.


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