Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don't wait for Change.

Change is going to happen, but why should we wait for it? Why should be anticipate it?
I believe that we wait and anticipate because we are afraid of what this change may bring.
It's alright to be afraid, to be hesitant; but we should not let it for one second hold us back.
I believe that we shouldn't wait for change, but rather we should make that change with no
fear. As of late, I've been a believer in letting life happen and letting go of control. I know
you're probably thinking "Girl, how can you let life happen but yet make change"? 

What I mean is, I let life happen by not controlling situations because I want a
specific outcome or throwing a fit when something doesn't happen right as planned.
Because, I'm guilty of both. And I make change within things that I want to work on
or have happen - and then once I get myself in the suitable direction then I let life do
it's thing. Think of it as an adjustment or a motivational push. Yes, a motivational push.
Let's be real here, If I want something to happen I need to start walking in that direction
and then let life decide where I should turn at the fork. I'm so metaphorical sometimes.

A lot has changed for me recently. Friends because well thats my life. I have a Husband
because well I love him alottle (that's a lot and a little mixed together, obvi). I eat Kale on a
daily basis because well I like plants. and being healthy. Speaking of healthy I have lost
6 pounds which is a start because well I want to lose more. My Confidence because well
I usually hate myself but now I think I'm pretty rad. depends on the day, really. #letsbehonest

The quote above really set well with me, I found beauty in "Life happens not to me, but for
me" - because when we sit down and really think about it. It's so true, isn't it. That we
should be eager for life to happen FOR us and not to us. because at the end of the day when
all the bad shit in the world has washed away, the smile is back on our face as we cuddle in
the arms of our loved ones - Life happened. It didn't happen to us. the bad shit. or even the
good shit. But it happened FOR us. It happened so that we can find truth, solitude, passion,
and growth. and then, we have the nobility of leading a good life that happened for us.

And so - take that plunge. make that change. let life happen. don't control everything. and
realize that life is not happening to you, it's happening for you!! And if that doesn't work..
well, you can always cut 3in off and dye your hair Purple.....

Isn't Change Swell?

Kick off your boots, Grab a cold Beer, and Stay a While.


  1. I think with all of the change going on around you, you just need a new change for yourself - thus the hair. And I have to see, I absolutely love it. It's wild, sexy, and unique, and very pretty. It looks GREAT on you. But you're gorgeous anyway so...

    1. Aww! Thank You so much, Liz!

      I have always been one to put color in my hair (I talk about this a bit in my Friday Favorites that I just posted like 5 minutes ago). I was afraid to go ALL purple, but I am so glad I did. It's definitely gave me more Sass. (as if I needed more). and I've been walking around for 2 days saying "Purple Hair Don't Care" Husband can't stop laughing. We decided I needed a name for my Alter Ego, now that I have purple hair it's like I'm a different person, and so the name "Veronica" was born. But we call her Ronnie for short. HAHAHA

      You are Gorgeous!!!! Ohhh and I featured you on my Friday Favorites. Check it out!

      -Ashlee Michelle


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