Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Prayers in San Diego

In October 2003 I sat in my front yard and watched the mountains all around my little
town go up in flames as the San Diego Ceder Fire burned over 280,000 acres in the county.

The smoke was heavy, both days and nights were dark, and all of our friends were getting
evacuated not knowing what they'd come back to find. Horses were let loose from their stalls, evacuation sites were set up all over San Diego, and loved ones lost connection with
one another. It took until November 3rd for the fire to be completely detained and
became the largest fire in the history of California.

My dad was gone for 11 days fighting the fire. We had no connection with him or his fire
crew until day 9 and it was a short conversation since power lines were down. 1 fire fighter
was lost in the first as well as 15 other lives taken. It was the most devastating, longest
month for our little town and the surrounded towns that were a lot affected.

In 2007, our little town was hit with the 2nd largest fire in California history.
The Witch Creek fire went all along our town, the towns around us, and fell into
 the border of Mexico starting another fire that began to take homes in mexico.
 Once again, our town was black, dark, and in a complete state of chaos. My
dad and uncle were off duty, and took on foot to kick down doors and fire off
the fires around our town with garden hoses until crews could come to assist.

Today I'm watching San Diego County up in flames. Carlsbad, Oceanside, Fallbrook,
Bernardo, and Camp Pendleton are all in evacuation as fires sweep through the area.
Atleast 30 home burned in Carlsbad as of 2:40pm. And families are fighting to find a
safe place to go to, as well as finding a place for their animals to go to.

My Heart is in a state of hurt, once again, for San Diego. The memories of fear, evacuation,
and unanswered questions are racing through my mind as I watch our beautiful county
burning and not ending because of the high winds and the high heat temperature that
we are currently facing. Neighbors and kind citizens from around the county are doing
what they can to help save the homes they can by using hoses to water down properties.
The fire crews are doing what they can to control the fires and are working hard to keep
the fires from spreading even more through the county. It's going to be a long night.

And so, I ask of everyone to take a moment to say a prayer or send out a mental hug for
the families that are effected by the fires around San Diego areas. I pray that everyone
remains safe and healthy as well as praying that everyone has homes to come back too.
As a firefighters daughter, I am reaching out to all of the families of the 1st responders
and giving them hugs. And a special prayer for the brave, hardworking firefighters who
are busy on scene containing and fighting the fires around the county. So much Love.


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    1. Thank You! My lovely husband is stranded in Fresno and having a hard time getting back because all the freeways into San Diego County area are closed! PLUS, he got into a car accident this morning, he is okay thank God. But still, not a fun way to start the morning.

      How are you guys doing? Stay Safe as well.

      -Ashlee Michelle


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