Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Wedding Story: Pre-Ceremony.

April 19th 2014.

When I woke up, my big sister/MOH looked at me and said 
"Holy Crap, You get married today."
It was 7:30 and our day began. Hair and Makeup.

While us girls were busy drinking mimosas and getting ready, the guys
were busy Golfing and drinking beer. You know, 7:30am Guy Stuff.
But finally, around 12pm they began getting ready..being a guy is easy!!

I was running in and out of the house to see if things were going well.
Finally my bridesmaids forced me to sit down and breathe because it was
getting close to 1pm and the guys would be heading to the house soon.
But I do have to say, Our Venue was GORGEOUS and it was set up perfectly.

Makeup and Hair was done, I heard my soon-to-be Husband down
stairs and my nerves were finally beginning to hit me. But, it was 
time to get all dolled up in my dress. This was one of the best moments ever.

By this point, it was time for my Speedracer to open his Present from me.

While I was doing my FIRST LOOK with my Daddy!! 
This was my absolutely one of my FAVORITE moments from the day.
I would definitely recommend Brides doing this with their Fathers. 
It was a moment that my daddy and I will never forget. I loved it. 

And then it was time to line up for the Ceremony.
but not before I slipped and fell all the way down the stairs. 

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