Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Beachy StayCation

On Saturday, we celebrated 2 weeks of being Mr. and Mrs. 
and as a wedding present, Speedracers boss and his wife got us 2 hotel rooms..
one for the night of our wedding, which was so cute and comfortable. And then one
this recent weekend at the new resort in our little beachy town.
 Let me just say, ohmygawd!


Our private balcony was in the perfect spot, We had the IB Pier to our left and Coronado
to our right. It was without a doubt the most beautiful location we could have
 ever hoped for.And so we spent sometime out on the deck, drinking some
 beer (later wine) and enjoyed ourselves.

We then headed to the bar area to have a few drinks before our dinner reservations.
Speedracer had a Bloody Mary and I had a homemade drink called Diablo Peach.
We still had some time before dinner at 8pm, so we headed over to the pier
and did that lovey, dovey married couple stroll. we are cheese balls. obvi. 
We rushed back to our room to watch the sunset from our balcony
because we had the best spot ever, the sun was directly in front of us.

We headed to dinner at the most gorgeous restaurant, which is located in the hotel,
And had the best dinner we have ever had. We had lobster mac and cheese,
and filet mignon. Both, to die for!!

After dinner, we went back to the room and just enjoyed the rest of our
evening as we drank some wine we had from the wedding. The next morning,
we decided to call room service for breakfast so we could enjoy our last few hours
in our gorgeous suite and on our balcony that was so breath taking.

At around 12 we checked out and drove the long 5 minute drive back home.
 We were so sad to leave such a gorgeous place, but we are happy knowing
 we can go visit anytime we wish since the resort is literally 5 minutes from our
 house. We truly are spoiled with this place.

And that was Our Beachy StayCation.
Which has only made us more antsy for our Honeymoon in August.

How was your weekend?

Kick off your boots, Grab a Beer, and Stay a while.


  1. omg what hotel is this?? I might need to make reservations!!! looks beautiful & so comfy & homey!! Love it!!

    1. It truly was amazing. We cannot wait to go back!!!

      It's the Pier South Resort in Imperial Beach. It's owned by Marriot.


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