Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Goals.

Oh, It's already 8 days into May and I'm just getting around to posting my May
Goals. Better late then never I guess. But I really love reading Goals and Favorites
Posts. and so Maybe I will do a "April Favorite" Post in the next couple days because
I do have to say...April in general was my absolute favorite month this year, but this
little newlywed housewife might be a little bias. Can you blame me?

I like the idea of writing monthly goal lists too. I'm definitely a scatter-brained kind of gal
and so making goals for myself each month will definitely (hopefully) help me stay on track.

My May Goals:

1. Survive Finals. and not just survive, but pass. 

2. ReOrganize my Office. aka get it back to being an office and not a storage room.

3. Pick up our Marriage License.

4. Clean our Room. seriously looks like a bomb went off

5. Get our Thank You cards sent out for The Wedding.

6. Work Out at least 3-4 times a week. even if I don't go to the gym.

7. Find Hotels to stay at for our Honeymoon.

8. Sell Scentsy. because wedding month had me slacking.

9. Organize the Kitchen.

10. Get caught up on Laundry.

11. Begin looking for a Birthday Dress. june is right around the corner

I think that 11 goals are pretty good for my first monthly goal post..what do you think?
And some are a bit tougher then others so I definitely want to give myself enough time to
focus on each goal. Focus = remember that scatter-brained kind of gal thing?

See you all tomorrow for my FRIDAY FAVORITES post. Click HERE for last weeks FF.

Leave me a comment telling me what some of your GOALS are for the month of MAY.

Kick off your Boots, Grab a Cold Beer, and Stay A While. 

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