Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone.
I don't know about you but I am damn thrilled it's friday, at last. What a week I had,
let me tell you!! I had finals this week, which I can officially say "Hello Summer Break." thankthelord! I also found out I could have graduated this that's cool. but not 
really, I'm upset. And I got barely any sleep this week so I have dark circles like cray,
my hair has been up in a messy bun for that last 5 days, and my nails are chipped.
I need a spa day. and to go into hibernation to say the least. Oh..and Wine. obviously!!!

I have 5 new Favorites for this Friday..and they really are swell if I don't say so myself. Enjoy!!

1) Random Midnight Roadtrips.
Thursday, my truck-driving husband got a phone call at 10:30pm saying he may have to haul a big piece of machinery to Arizona area. (Calipatria/El Centro to be exact). And so at 12:40am his phone rang again and he was up and on his way to Calipatria. I decided to go with his because he hadn't gotten too much sleep and it made me nervous he was driving that far alone at night. I'm a worry wart. We got to Calipatria at 4:45am and left by 5:15am. Yes, a 3 hour drive for a 30min delivery. And then we got back home around 9am. It was definitely a long night/morning but I loved spending time with my Husband on a random trip.

2. Watching the Sun Rise.
While Speedracer was outside of the tow truck for 30 minutes working his tail off. I was warm in the truck and busy watching the sunrise over the Energy Power Plant we were at. And let me tell you, this may just be because I'm from the country and weird things like this excite me..but being in the middle of a farm, at a power plant..watching the sun rise is a damn beautiful experience. #redneck

3. Coffee
Because without which I wouldn't have survived the last 5 days, especially yesterday. 

4. Sons of Anarchy. 
I remember when SOA started in 2008, but I never sat down and watched it as a series. Just a few episodes here and there with my parents. But after much talk about it within our group of friends, SR and I decided to sit down and watch the series from the beginning. Thanks Netflix! and it's safe to say that I am obsessed. even though SR says I'm too "girly and emotional" for these types of shows. But for real, can I get an AMEN for Jax and Opie? Ilovemesomescruffybikermen! No shame!

5. Our Wedding Photos.
Finally, I got them in my hand and they are so so perfect! I love them. Here is a sneak peek! hehe

I am so ready for this 3 day weekend - they are most definitely my favorite weekends. We are racing this weekend, of course, and then just BBQing and spending time around the house with our family. Which sounds seriously amazing because I don't have the energy or want to go do anything crazy. 

What are some of your favorite things this friday?? And what are your memorial weekend plans?

Kick off your boots, Grab a cold Beer, and Stay a While. 

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