Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites + Weekend Plans

So remember in my "so what wednesday" post when I said I was going to partake in doing SWW every week? Well, I lied. I have however, decided to partake in friday favorites. Like for real this time. And to prove my FF loyalty, I made a button for it. (which you can find in the side bar) Please Join in the fun with me? We will be FFF's - Friday Favorite Friends. Obvi.

I have had a few favorites going on lately...

1) My Favorite thing ever is being Married to this goober:

#heisgunnakillmeforthispicture #sorrynotsorry

2) My Favorite Drink as of lately is Lemon & Cucumber Water: 
     (also, the person whom bought us the infuser pitcher for a wedding gift is my favorite)

3) My Favorite Lipstick Color for the spring is Carrot Gold by Wet n Wild. (aka Orange)

4) My Favorite Song  "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Phillips Phillips. 
            It has been my favorite song for the last 4 months and I'm still very obsessed. Enjoy!!

5) My Favorite Spring Outfit. who wears bright colors in spring? not me. (that orange lipstick tho)

6) My Favorite Quote.

And there you have it, 6 of my favorite things...some have been around for a while and some are new found faves. All I know is, I kinda have a lot of things I dub my "favorite"....but I guess you'll have to wait until next friday to find out some more of my secrets. that aren't really secrets. 

Also, Happy Birthday May 2014. I swear that 2014 is flying by. Am I the only one whom thinks this? Anyways, I do have to admit that I am sad that April is over. I had been waiting and anticipating April 2014 for the last year of my life and now it's come and gone. We are no longer in our wedding month..and that makes me sad. But, give it a couple weeks and we will be celebrating our 1 month of marriage. Okay, Mrs.'re getting a little to ahead of yourself. 

My SR and I have a pretty exciting weekend planned for us too - We are going down to the fancy new hotel built here in our little beachy town and we have a room overlooking the water. Compliments of SR's Boss as part of our wedding gift. Getting married has it's perks. And of course I will have my camera in hand the whole time and a note pad for writing down my thoughts. Get ready for a fancy beachy hotel post. I'm pretty excited about it. It's less then 5 minutes away from our house so we've had no reason to stay there, but I'm excited we get to enjoy it now like we've wanted too.

What are some of your favorites? And What are your plans for the weekend?

Kick off Your Boots, Grab a Beer, and Let's be Friends!


  1. Ooh! Sounds fun! What hotel is it? My husband and I are staying at the Ritz Carlton this upcoming weekend for his work. We stayed there once for his birthday. It's amazing!

    1. It's called The SeaCoast Inn. (It's on a street called seacoast drive)...It was bought out by Marriott so it's technically the "Seacoast Marriott" LOL

      We walk past it all the time when we go to the beach..and we've had some friends stay there and some eat their but we've never had a chance to enjoy it...Thankfully his Boss bought us the weekend there so we can hangout and rest!!

      -Ashlee Michelle


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