Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites: April Addition

Welcome to another addition of FRIDAY FAVORITES or as I call it - "FF"

It's been a long week - and luckily through the midst of the week I was able to sit
down and write out my goals for the month of may. You can find the list HERE!

I don't know about any of my recently married bride friends, or past bride friends
but I seriously feel like my wedding flew by way to quickly and it baffles be that we
are already hitting the 3 week since mark. (tomorrow that is) And of course - I am having
some major wedding withdrawals. Like seriously, can we go back to April 19th 2014?

Yesterday I mentioned I was thinking about doing a "April Favorites" post and then I
realized oh, why don't I turn this weeks FF's into a April Favorites Post. And so, that is
what you're getting. My absolute FAVORITE things about April 2014. Answer: the 19th.

My Friday April Favorites: 

1. April 19th 2014.
 Without a doubt the absolute BEST day of my life and nothing compares to the moment
I walked down the isle and saying "I do" to the man whom is now my husband.
Enter fuzzy artistic photo ;)
 2. Writing my Vows.
I am a stickler for writing and I'm definitely a perfectionist when it comes to my words.
And so, I purposely didn't write my vows until the morning of our wedding. But I loved
sitting out on the balcony by myself and being at one with my words for my SR.

3. My Bachelorette Party.
I am not the type to go bar hopping and spend a night out downtown partying. My
bachelorette party was the 3rd time I've been in downtown San Diego for a "Party"
type event. But - it was so much fun and oh so worth it. My Girls did an awesome job.
Oh...and I danced on a Bar...oops. #sorrynotsorry

4. Walking with my Daddy.
I am the biggest Daddies girl in the world and I lose it when it comes to my dad.
We did a "first look" together before the wedding, I like this better then a first look
with the groom. And it was a very special moment for me and my dad. And then
walking down the isle was so memorable for us. We laughed the whole way and joked
around about how if we fell we'd end up in the pool that was to my left. We survived tho.

5. Best Friend Concert Trip.
This was part of last weeks "So What Wednesday"...remember when I did those? HA
Whatever though..This was one of my favorite moments from April as well. My BFF
Kat texted me monday (the 28th) and asked "So, Do you want to go to LA with me
 tomorrow to see Gavin DeGraw?" and of course without thinking I said "Uhm, YES"
and so - the next day we were on our way to Los Angeles to see our Favorite Musician.
 We also got his guitar picks handed to us AND we got kicked out of the "VIP" section
 for not having wristbands. #YOLO

6. Getting Back into Yoga.
I'm a Yogie. and yes thats a word. (Yoga + Junkie = Yogie). And I used to love rolling
 out my mat and laying going in my backyard under the sun for a good yoga sesh. and
 then, I just stopped practicing yoga one day. Not sure why. I just did. But with my
Wedding coming up, I realized I hadn't been stressed yet and I was nervous that I
would get stressed. And so, in April I rolled out my mat and begun to practice again
 - and what a great decision it was.

7. Seeing MOMica.
Her name is Monica, but she is Devon's other Mom, and MON became MOM.
 IE. MOMica. And she is one of my Best Friends. Minnesota stole her from us, and
although I'm still plotting my kidnapping plan for getting her back..That's alright
because I got to see her at the Wedding.You know how they say your twin is out there somewhere...well mine is in Minnesota. #byefelicia.

8. Realizing we were Married. 
After the reception my MR and I went back to our hotel and became total cheese balls.
We jumped around in excitement that "Holy Crap, We are freaking Married." As we read
some sweet, loving cards from our guests and enjoyed some Dessert Wine. aka Port.
 And so Naturally, we had to take a Ring Selfie. I mean, how could we not?

I could really go on and on about all of my absolute favorite moments from April -
 but I think I will just leave you with 8 of my favorites. (Mostly because someone
 doesn't have her Wedding Photos back yet so she can't show you some of her
 favorite moments.....but soon..SOON!)

Everyone kept asking us why we chose April 19th and if it had an significance to us
..and then were shocked, and somewhat appalled when we told them we had no reason
 for picking our date. We believe that our Wedding Date didn't need to have a special
meaning to us because from now on it will be a special date to us. The Most Special.
 April has now become one of my favorite months..Maybe even my Favorite.

What were some of your favorite moments from April?

Kick Off Your Boots, Grab a Cold Beer, and Stay a While.


  1. Love this!! Favorite moments of April..
    I love that you did a first look with your daddy... I did a first look with mine too & one with Alex + one with Eli just becuase it worked out that way!!! Such a special moment!!!

  2. Thank You! :) April really was my favorite...I'm sure you can say the same thing about October for you.

    Awww Cute!! Yeah I really wanted the first time Speedracer and I saw each other was "THAT MOMENT" when I walk down the isle...and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. And the moment with my dad was such a fun one...and he even laughed at me when I fell down the stairs in my dress. What a sweetheart. HA. (luckily it was just him and I, nobody else around)


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