Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So What Wednesdays: "It's so Fetch"

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 
Can we also take a moment to acknowledge the fact that it's the 10yr anniversary of Mean Girls. (and it's wednesday). But for real, who is wearing pink today??

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and partaking in "So What Wednesday"...and so, for my first addition of this lovely link up. I give you my, "So Whats."

So What If:

-- I drove 2.5 hours up to Anaheim last night to see Gavin Degraw in Concert. And didn't get home til 1:00am. 

-- We snuck into the pit and got handed Gavin's Guitar picks before getting kicked out. (of course this was the end of the concert so it didn't matter anyways). #YOLO

-- I bought my morning Starbucks Order with all change today. $8.47 to be exact. You're Welcome.

-- I'm laying in bed at 2:00pm and writing this blog.

-- My living room is a disaster from all of our wedding gifts and decor that we still need to sort through.

-- I'm going to drink wine and watch mean girls by myself later this evening.

--  I went to school in pajamas today. 

-- I cussed at my car door for slamming against me due to San Diego's Santa Ana winds..(but for real my door almost knocked me out)

-- I'm currently drinking apple juice out of a wine glass

-- I go to bed around 7pm tonight.

And thus concludes my "So What Wednesday" for my first go around. Not sure I will partake every single wednesday, because I may have another post one day or I may not feel up to being a sassy "so what wednesday" kind of gal. Okay, who am I trying to kid? I love me some sass. Especially on Hump Day! It's pretty Fetch! Don't you think?

See You Friday, Friends.
Kick off your boots, Grab a Beer, and Let's be Friends!!


  1. haha you are too funny!!
    my house is still amess from wedding stuff & its been a year n half. I swear it never goes away.

    What did you order for 8.47 from starbucks?? gah that sounds so good right now!!

    1. Thank You, My Dear! haha I try!! HA!

      Yeah I don't think we will ever get completely away from the mess..I mean 14 months of buying stuff is cray cray just to throw away..and I'm attached! haha

      I got a TRENTA Coffee..because it's my drug of choice. and a Hearty Healthy Salad (btw, it's delicious..try it), and then....a cookie...oppps. Atleast I made the attempt to be healthy. HA! But yeah, I paid in all happens. #collegekidproblems.

      This morning, my lovely husband got up...filled up my gas tank, bought me starbucks, and a morning danish. I just about died when he walked through the door...I'm spoiled!

      -Ashlee Michelle


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