Tuesday, April 29, 2014

San Diego's Backroads

I live in San Diego.
You know, America's Finest City.
I have lived here since the age of 5 and I like it.
I like the fact that San Diego is so versatile, and that I can live up in 
the mountains verses living down at the beach. Yes, I'm a San Diego 
girl whom truly hates the beach. It's pretty, don't get me wrong..but I'm more 
of a tree, mud, and mountain kind of gal. Which is why my little town in 
San Diego County has always made me feel right at home. 

When Speedracer and I began dating we spent a lot of time up in my town
and then when we became serious, it was only due time before I moved in with
him 45 minutes away, down towards the beach. He had to have known that I 
was in love with him just because I agreed to move down to a beach town. I wasn't
thrilled but..the things we do for love. Right? And I've lived here with my SR for 
3 years now, and it's not as bad as I dramatically made it out to be in the beginning.
I actually really love the place I call my home. My SR has lived here his whole
life. And it's considered a much smaller beach community verses the others
around San Diego. and so, I like it here. The small town feeling still exists for me.
But, this poor Husband of mine knows how much I would give to be back up in my
small, mountain hugged town. Which is why we go hang out at my parents every chance
we get. I love being home. It makes this country gal feel like herself. 

This past weekend we went racing, and the track is 5 minutes away from my parents
house. I'm pretty sure it's considered part of our town but since the track is on a
Indian Reservation I think it's considered it's only little thing. Saturday morning, I 
went to pick up my friend Hilary so we could go meet her fiancé and my SR at the track..
I got to drive through the hills again and chase the sun. I took roads I haven't driven on in 
a while..and yes, I admit, I took a few backroads just to elongate our route. I'm a sucker. 

Sunday we spent all day in my little town for my friends Bridal Shower..and it was
really sad to leave my beautiful home at the end of the day; as it is every time we go
to visit. Monday, I had the chance to babysit a sweet little baby girl..and they live off
a dirt road. Yes, I was in Heaven. The sight of the dirt picking up behind me as they 
leave my tires..It's definitely one of my favorite things about living the country life. 

I've realized, in the last 3 years..that no matter where I go and where we live. When
I am in a small town with dirt roads, rolling hills, cow farms, hay bills....I am Home. 

And so on my way back to my beachy home, instead of driving straight out of town..
I took the backroads, rolled my windows down, and chased the never ending hills.


  1. This is the sweetest post ever. Definitely makes me think about what home really is. :)

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank You! :)

      I am pretty lucky that I live so close to my hometown..and I can go home whenever, I know some people don't have that option. We get spoiled here in San Diego, The Beach and The Mountains..all 45min from each other in every way!!! :)



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