Saturday, April 26, 2014

Married Life: Week 1.

It's been exactly 1 week since we became Mr. and Mrs. 


How is Married Life?
Well, We survived our first week of marriage so I guess it's going pretty well. 

How is being a Wife?
Great! but again, only been a Wife for a week so I guess it's going pretty well...jk, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's the best feeling EVER!

I can't believe your wedding has already come and went. Crazy, Huh?
You're telling me. 14 months of planning for a quick 10hr day. I'm having post wedding withdrawals!

So when are you having Kids?
We've been married a week so that conversation hasn't really got brought up..we are just trying to learn how to be a married couple, being parents would throw us for a loop. 

How's the name change?
I love it. It's confusing for everyone else (because my husbands cousin and I have the exact same name now) but I am having a blast with my new name. Although I may hire a look a like to go sit in the DMV for me when I change over my license. Ain't nobody got time for that!

How's being a Housewife?
Fine. I've been a house"wife" for the last 4 years so not much has changed. I attempt to clean, I grunt every time I do laundry, and I wait for my husband to get home so HE can cook dinner. The Usual.

All in all, Our first week of being a married couple has gone really well. We have been loving every moment of the newlywed life, and we giggle every time we say 'my husband' or 'my wife.' I truly hope that giddiness never goes away because I just love that feeling. It's like christmas morning all the time and saying "My Husband" is the best present ever. Am I right, ladies?

I've also learned some Housewife lessons this week..

1) There is such thing as "too much laundry detergent" 
2) If you cook it, He will eat it.
3) If it looks dirty..clean it. If not, his clothes will smell like boy funk. 
4) If it looks old..throw it away. Your Husband won't notice what is missing from the house.
5) Relax. If everything isn't perfect, that's because it wasn't meant to be. You're new at this.

I have a lot to learn but I am excited for this journey of being a Wife. When my mom and dad got married they were the same age as myself and speedracer. My mom was whisked away from home to become a Military Wife..and she had to learn how to cook and keep the house clean. Of course, I feel like that may have been a tad easier in 1983. But, never the less..If she can do it at 23, I can do it at 23. I think that's something I really love about my parents being married for 30 years..I have a couple to look up to, to go to when I need help. Speedracer and I both have wonderful relationships to look up to and sought after for advice. But, we are also learning on our own, and learning together. It's a new process that I wouldn't change for the world. Knowing that I have someone to make mistakes with is truly a great feeling. It makes the successes even more special. 

And so there you have it - Our first week of Marriage was a success and I can't wait to see what the next week, months, and years bring us. I have a lot to learn about being a Wife. But I guess when you have an incredible Husband...being a Wife is pretty dang easy. 


  1. It's so wonderful that your parents have been married so long and have set a good example for you. I feel like it helps a lot to have people close in your life you can look up to. Congrats on surviving a week!

    1. Welcome, Logan!!

      Thank You so much for your sweet comment! Yes, we were definitely lucky with both having wonderful relationships to look up too. Although, My Husbands parents weren't ever married and his mom passed when he was 12...Their relationship was a great one before she passed on. And his grandparents, whom he was raised by celebrate their 52nd year of Marriage in June.

      Thank You so much! It's been a wonderful week or so!

      -Ashlee Michelle

  2. Has anyone told you how absolutely gorgeous you are?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!


    1. Oh my goodness! Thank You so much, you are so sweet!!!

      anded I love the fact that you said hashtag..AND "totes" because I say totes all the time!!

      You are adorable. I decided! :)

      -Ashlee Michelle


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