Sunday, January 20, 2019

Full Moon in Leo + Lunar Eclipse + Aquarius Season

Happy Full Moon in Leo + Total Lunar Eclipse
Sunday, January 20th, 2019
Exact at 9:16 pm PST

The Full Moon is a time where our emotions filter out and release themselves from our physical and emotional body. The moon rules our emotions, thus, why people believe that "the crazies are out" when a Full Moon is in the sky. A Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon sit in opposition, causing their energies to come head to head; much like a yin and yang. With these two energies, we find balance and clarity. This Full Moon has an added aspect, the Total Lunar Eclipse with the sun that has now moved into Aquarius; bringing forward multiple energies. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse causes the moon to turn red for a period of time, giving her the name "Blood Moon." In ancient times, many believed the blood moon was the sign of a bad omen, while others believed that this particular moon had mysterious energies that gave them more physical strength and heightened their physical abilities. Lunar Eclipses allow us to cut ties with our past and anything hindering us from our growth. There is an added element of release with the high vibration of the lunar eclipse and the full moon. Changes can sometimes take 6-18 months but with the energy of the eclipse, these changes can happen in the blink of an eye giving you a clean slate to begin working with. 

We are at the beginning of Eclipse Season, and eclipse often comes in twos with the occasional three. These last in an 18th-month cycle. This Lunar Eclipse is connected with our last eclipse that took place August 11th, 2018. The New Moon in Leo, a solar eclipse. Reflect back on that day, if you keep notes (as you should) read what you wrote down and meditate on the energy you held that day. What intentions did you set? Were they manifested into your reality or were they lost? Are you still working on those intentions? Did you alter them in any way? These answers can really help guide you through this Full Moon as you'll see how far you have come and it can help push you further. 


Our Leo is the leader of the Zodiac. She brings the element of fire and passion to our energy. She is the holder of the brave, warrior heart. Leo cannot do anything without expressing herself fully and raising her roar so that she can be heard. She is a fearless leader, compassionate, and seeks justice for all around her. She does not care about the opinions those around her may have about who she is but she handles it with grace. She is fiercely independent and will no apologize for exploring with an open heart and wide eyes. In any storm, you can find her standing firm against the winds. With the Full Moon in Leo, she is asking us to release our fears and rise up into our courageous lion heart. She asks you to not shrink yourself to make those around you comfortable; yet, encourages them to rise with you. 

Leo Rules are Natal 5th House: the house of self-expression, child-like play, joy, and creativity. Leo energy is reminding you of what is important in your area of self-expression. Leo doesn't mind what others think about her. She is playful, she loves bringing out her inner-child to spark creativity and imagination. She is fully aware that happiness is the goal she wants to achieve and she knows how to get there. She is unafraid of her true identity nor is she afraid to show who she is to the world. This Full Moon, really ask yourself what your true identity is? Who are you to the world? Who are you when you're alone? Are they the same person? What is inside of you that you want to unleash? This full moon is the time to do it, without fear. 

Happy Birthday, Aquarius.
January 20th - February 18th

Another Aspect of this Full Moon is, it falls on the day we move into Aquarius Season, bringing forward yet another energy to work with.

Aquarius, our fixed air sign is assertive, independent, and original. Our 11th sign in the Zodiac is our sign of the future, our visionary. The best energy of Aquarius is their quirky, witty personalities. They refuse to follow a crowd and like to do things their own way, as they march to the beat of their own drum. The symbol of our 11th Zodiac is that of the Water Bearer; Dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally. The water that the water bearer pours symbolizes truth and the truth you share with the world. The Written Symbol of Aquarius, represents the water that flows from the vessel of the water bearer.  The ridged unbroken lines represent electric energy, universal though, and the wisdom of the future.

Aquarius is Ruled by Uranus; the planet of change, disruption, the unconventional, and unexpected. The Ruler of our Natal 11th House, the house of Friends, Hopes, and Wishes. It has to do with long-term desires, goals, and intellectual pleasures This House governs all that has to do with groups and clubs that have to do with your work, professional life, and family. It also brings forward the types of friends you connect with depending on your interests. 

Leo Moon X Aquarius Sun
 This Full Moon will combine the energies of the two Polarities: Leo and Aquarius. While Aquarius wants you to look at things more idealistic and larger issues of the world. Leo wants us to look for fun, playful times that will make them happy. 

Playful Leo is our primary focus this Full Moon, however, we must look at the 11th and 5th house axis to understand how both of these energies can affect us. Leo's focus is on individual expression of creativity and leadership. Whereas, Aquarius is focused on the dynamics that groups can bring us. The Shadow Side of Leo is Ego. The Shadow side of Aquarius is Detachment and Criticism. We are asked to release our ego and balance our heart and mind. We are asked to look from both energies and know that we are unique just as the others around us are too. We have something to offer the world, just as others around us have something to offer as well. There is room for everyone. 

Full Moon Practices:
1. Cleanse Your Crystals - Run them under cold water for 5 min to rid from all heavy, stale energy. 

2. Place Crystals Under the Full Moon to Charge with New Energy.

3. Meditate. Practice focusing on your breathing with Pranayama Breathing. "Life Force" - Breathing, to help you become more aware of your breath. Meditating will also help you clear your mind so that you are more connected with yourself and are able to let go with ease. 

4. Let Go. This Full Moon is a great time to Let Go of Ego. Release all attachments that are connected to your Ego. 

Ask Yourself These Questions. (and Write Them Down)

1. What messages is your Ego telling you are true?

2. What attachments are you holding onto because of Ego?

3. How do you criticize yourself? How do you criticize others? What have others criticized you for?

4. What are your defense mechanisms? Are these conditioned traits from your parents or your own? 

5. How can you open up more to your inner child? What can you learn from them?

6. Do the intentions you set only serve you? Do they Serve others? How can you open them up to serve a larger group of people? How can you close them more to serve yourself?

7. What makes you feel fulfilled in your sense of purpose? 

Before you do these rituals, practice being without your cell phone and any form of technology. We cannot truly get to know ourselves when we are congested with outside influences and distractions. Once you are done with your practice, try going to bed without checking your phone or turning on the TV. Once you have meditated, did reflection, and connection - we can get more rest when we aren't automatically going back to what can make us feel heavy. Break the technology attachment. Build the habit to go to sleep with a clear and mindful mind - this will help with more mindful resting. 

Love Yourself and Love other People! Good Luck!

Monday, January 7, 2019

12 Books to Read in 2019

I grew up in a land of books. I loved being in a home with two parents that loved the comfort of having a good book around. Both that I believe inherited from their parents. My sister loves to read and so do many of our cousins. I'm so grateful to have grown up with a family who reads. It encourages me to put down my phone and to stick my nose into a good novel. My Favorite smell is paperback books and coffee. The two best combinations a girl could have. 

I always challenge myself to read a book or two a month, I am currently 1/2 way through A Tribe Called Bliss - By Lori Harder. It is definitely a book to read if you are part of a book club, but you can totally read it if you're not. And I, am not. Nevertheless, it is nearly time for me to start my next book. I have about 24 books on my list thus far, but I thought I would start off by sharing my first set of 12; in case you fall into the 1 a month category - A 


If You want to start a virtual book club, Let's do it! I would love for you all to join me on this list and the other books to come. I'll link the books for purchase down below so that you don't have to go search for them, I've done the work. You are welcome! 

Let me know how many of these books you have read and how many of these books are going to now be on your list! I'd love to know! I'd also love to know what YOU are planning on reading this year, especially if it's something that isn't on my list above. Sharing is Caring!

Happy New Year, New Books to all my fellow Bookworms out there!
Now Get Off Social Media and Go Read a Book with Me! 
Love Yourself and Love other People! 

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Friday, January 4, 2019

1st New Moon of 2019: Capricorn

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind" - C.W. Lewis

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 5th, we meet with our very first New Moon of 2019 and let me tell you, she is ready to get to work! Our New Moon is in Capricorn; our cardinal earth sign. This New Moon comes at a powerful time to set intentions and begin to manifest your truest desires into your reality. Just a few days after the New Year makes this New Moon a quintessential time to really ask yourself what you want, not only for this year of 2019 but long-term. Capricorn is the zodiac of Longevity/Long-term. 

Why do we celebrate the New Moon?
The New Moon is the very start of our moon cycle, a time when the sun and moon are conjunct (joined together) in the same sign and the energies are sending us powerful signs and instructions. This is the time to spend speaking to the intentions that we want to set for this next month - what we wish to manifest into our lives. Our moon is now dark, and although dark, a beautiful stillness radiates through our sky and into our very existence. We are able to catch a glance at our future with hopes and dreams during this time, and just as the new moon is in its rebirth stage so is our future. Thus, we celebrate the endless possibilities that we are beginning to manifest. 

This New Moon sits between Saturn and Pluto (both in which are in Capricorn; Saturn being Capricorns Ruler) Saturn is the planet of responsibility and is the symbol of hard work ethic. When he pairs with Capricorn we see our truest ambitions, our independence, and we learn self-discipline. Ask yourself where you can add more discipline to your life. Do you get distracted easily? Where do you feel limited? Saturn reminds us that our time is valuable and helps to apply patience and commit to the steps we must take to achieve our goals. Pluto, our often misunderstood planet, governs all that is the deeper meaning of life. Where he sits in our chart can tell us many different sides to our personal lives: past, present, and future. He highlights our evolution. When these two planetary aspects join together, it may seem overwhelming, as if all your decisions need to be planned in stone. This isn't true. However, how you decide to go about manifesting and what you decide to focus on while under this new moon could very well carry out your future. One that you may have not really wanted to ask for. So be careful, meditate, and take the time to really speak from your hearts desires. 

 The energy of Capricorn wants you to dig deep to your core, connect to the vision your heart is showing you. Take a moment to sit with your heart and think of your life as if you were watching it on the movie screen. Say someone wrote a movie about your life - Who would be in it? Not talking celebrities portraying you. But who would be in your life's movie? A Partner/Spouse? Kids? Your Best Friend? Who is your best friend? Who is apart of your "Tribe?" Who is with you for the long haul. And where would this film take place? Starting off in your hometown, to where you currently, and where you want to end up building a life? Would you travel? Who is with you? What is your dream job? and where does it take you? Where is your office? Do you have an office? Or is your dream job one you can do from the comfort of your home? WRITE IT ALL DOWN! Really Dig deep. Capricorn is giving you the tools to break down your core values and main priorities. 

If you are stuck on the answers to these questions, No Fear. Here is a simple question that will make you go back in time and pull out your hearts desires. 

I want you to find a comfortable seat in a quiet, comfortable location. Close your eyes and think of your 8-year-old self. Where are you? What would 8 year old you be doing at this moment? What did you want to be when you were 8 years old? What dreams did you have as a kid and Where did you dream you'd go? Who did you want to be before the world told you who you had to be? Don't be too quick to answer these questions, as you shouldn't with the questions above. This may be triggering for a lot of us, as childhood trauma could stir feelings up. Or maybe you will find yourself emotional because you feel as if you lost that child-like spirit you once had. It's okay. Feel into those feelings, return to concentrating on your breath, and then let it all go. Return to center and find your peace!

Are you looking for Financial Success? Relationship Success? Career/School Success? Do you wish to be a homeowner? Do you wish for Peace? Clarity? Support? Travel? This is your time to speak what you want into your reality. Use the energy of Capricorn and this New Moon. Speak it into existence and then Go for it! Good Luck!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019: The Year of Go.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs


I have decided that my word for 2019 is GO. 
2018: Focus.
2017: Authentic.
2016: Fearless.

I knew several months back that I wanted my word to be GO. At first, I was thinking of the word "Yes!" But when I look at the word "Yes," I thought it was more of an answer to a question; a question I wasn't sure I was asking. More specifically, should I say, I didn't know WHAT I was asking and so I thought yes wasn't a good word to use. Maybe you have chosen the word "Yes" for 2019, and maybe you are looking at it as saying more yes then no. That's great! Go for it! Say Yes! As for me, I thought GO was more of honest word use and I believe I will get more out of it this year.

In late 2018 I got the words "Keep Going" tattooed on my wrist, for a few different reasons that maybe I'll share one day; but for now, it's staying personal. Anyways, the statement means a few different things for me so I thought I would share one since it does play a part in my decision to make GO my word of the year. I won't drag it out, Let's cut to the real shit...

Building a clientele as a new and upcoming Cosmetologist sucks. It really does. I now understand why the educators told us that more than 1/2 of us wouldn't make it in the industry and that most of us would get pissed off, burnt out, and sick of not having money. And as I can see so far, that is completely true. Not many of us are still working as Cosmetologist. So there I was, sitting in my car after a hard day, feeling angry and bitching into my Iced Vanilla Chai, and thinking "Did I seriously spend $21,000 on school for this shit?" and I was about to walk back into the salon, grab all my stuff, throw half of it in the dumpster behind our building, and never walk back in. But then, I received a text from a client who wanted to make an appointment. and the words "Keep Going" jumped out of my mouth. *deep breath* Nearly 7 1/2 months after that moment, I am still here, still booking clients and working. Slowly. Like a fuckin turtle climbing up a hill in the snow. But I'm doing it. I am the little goddamn cosmo that could. and would. and should. Shit, I guess I'm Dr. Suess now too. Adding that to my resume currently. 

Ashlee is a Professional Hairstylist + Makeup Artist, Book her for all your special event needs. Her talents include braids, contouring, smokey eyes, and she rhymes pretty well too. I'm a jack of all trades!!

If I know anything it's this: We are too hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up day after day and wonder why we are never good enough. In any aspect. We are our worst critics. It's true. We are the first ones to say "You Suck," to ourselves and the first ones to say we can't do something. I am such a bully to myself with this one. Can't. It's my word. It always has been. I can't. I can't. Time after time like throwing a ball against a brick wall, I have sung the words "I can't." and I've given up. Thrown in the towel and walked away. But 2018 reminded me that, I'm right, I CAN'T... I Can't Give Up! and you shouldn't either. I don't know what asshole wrote the rulebook on giving up, but screw that guy, why do I let him tell me what I can and cannot do. Am I Right? Of Course, I am! 

One night, in particular, I was doing some meditation and writing out my intentions for the next month. I was meditating on my life's path and my purpose. I have felt stuck. My family all uprooted and left California and I'm miserable here. After they left and our family home sold, I had a sense that I was lost. and I asked, "Where do I go from here?" Of course, I know there are reasons that husband of mine and I should stay in California, but at the same time, none of them seem like good enough reasons anymore. They just seem like excuses. Excuses we've built a wall with out of fear and "I can't."  As I was having this discussion with myself about my path, I was pulling some Oracle cards. The card I pulled dropped me to my knees. All it said was "GO" - and that was it. No explanation needed. I fell to my floor and sobbed. and I remember screaming into my hands "But I don't know where to go. Where am I supposed to be? God, please. Where do you need me." and once again, the words dropped from my mouth like God was speaking through me...Keep Going! and that was that. That's all I got. No Answers. No Explanation. Just Go and Keep Going. 

And so, that's why I chose my word of 2019 to be GO. and to remind myself that it doesn't matter where I go as long as I just keep going there. We will never know our destination. We will never fully understand where we are going and why we need to be there. But, with some weird-ass comfort over us. We just Go. and we Do it. Our story isn't in the destination. It's in the journey. and I'm going to write more of mine, whatever that is, all I have to do this year is Keep Going. Nothing More, Nothing Less. and that's all she wrote folks!! Happy New Year!

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