Saturday, October 13, 2018

Weekend Astrology Forecast + An Announcement.

Happy Saturday! 
We made it to the Weekend and I want to give you all the astrology knowledge for this weekend so you can plan accordingly for your festivities. But first, I have a super exciting announcement! 

I'm Launching a Business!

I have been working on this for a while now and I can't believe I'm finally able to announce it. My Little Business will start as a Shop on Etsy, but I'll also be doing Farmers Markets in the Local areas. And when the timing is right and finances are there, Gemini Heart will find a home in an actual building! Dreams People! Making it happen! To kick it off, I've created a Gemini Heart 2019 Moon Calendar. All in which will have the moon cycles as well as the zodiacs (Sun and Moon). In addition, Crystals will be available for purchase with the Calendar. You can purchase 1 that aligns with your Natal Zodiac OR You can purchase all 12 and be aligned with each Zodiac throughout the year! I'll be posting a Blog completely dedicated to the Calender here in a few weeks. But I am so excited for this next journey. 
                               ⚫  ◑  ◐

Now lets jump right into today's topic... Weekend Astrology Forcast.


Our Moon is currently in Sagittarius, She will go into Void at 5:58pm PST until she moves into Capricorn, Sunday, October 14th @ 12:17PM. (7:17pm UTC).

When we see Moon in Void - this is a time when the moon makes no major aspects or angles to any other planets. She is shifting to her next sign. Zodiacal changes occur every 2.5 days, creating a space for a "Void-of-Course" for the Moon. When Luna is in Void, it's best to take this time to reflect and rest, rather than continue with any actions you may be taking. Even a "Void" is 30 minutes, it's still best to take a step back from any projects and recharge. 

When we are in Sagitarrius, we use the Traveler spirit, to expand our minds and explore new territory. Get out of your typical routine and take a walk in a place you've never been. All yourself to go with the flow and learn something new along the way without taking action. 

Our Moon is Currently 22% Illuminated, in it's Waxing Cresent Phase. We are between The New Moon (8th) and First Quarter Moon (16th). We are in the phase of Change. This is the perfect time do begin diving into your Intentions set on the New Moon. To Manifest our dreams, with the intentions we just set, we must begin to take action and put them in motion. Repeat your Intentions Outloud and confirm with the Moon and the Universe that you are keeping up your end of the deal. ( I am: ____ ) 

♆ - Transiting Moon Squares Transiting Neptune.

The Moon is the ruler of our emotional body. Neptune is the planet of mystery and illusion. When the two square off we can often feel challenged and stressed out. On the other hand, we have a powerful imagination and the want to be creative. It's best not to put action to your creations but rather sit with your intentions and brainstorm a while. 

☽∠♅ - Transiting Moon SemiSquares Transiting Uranus (RX)

The Moon is quietly transitioning into its next sign and finds itself in a semisquare off with Uranus, which is retrograde. We see Uranus sitting in Taurus, which gives us strong energy that promotes our willpower. Although, our semi-square may cause some friction between the two (moon and Uranus) so be aware of any emotional outbursts from yourself or those around you.  

☽ ✶ ☿ - Transiting Moon Sextile Transiting Mercury.

Mercury is our planet of understanding and intelligence. We currently see Mercury in Scorpio which is creating our need to search and discover. What feels right today may result in a clashing of logic and truth. So be cautious with any investigations and know that what you hear and see, may just be misunderstandings. 

We are 1 week away from our Sun Sign changing from Libra to Scorpio. Take this week to tie up any loose ends you feel you've left behind when working with your Relationships. Where do you need to find that Libra Balance? Which relationships do you still need to Focus on? Add to your list of intentions to work on this throughout this next week. 

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Monday, October 8, 2018

New Moon in Libra + Venus Retrograde

We say hello to this Monday by living under a dark sky for the next two days while the moon is in the rebirth stage. The last time we saw this moon was 29.5 days ago when we were under a Virgo moon - a time which brought detail and structure to our intentions. For the next 2 weeks, we are in a Libra Sun, which brings this New Moon a powerful energy aligning the New Moon in Libra with the existing Libra Sun. 

Why do we celebrate the New Moon?
The New Moon is the very start of our moon cycle, a time when the sun and moon are conjunct (joined together) in the same sign and the energies are sending us powerful signs and instructions. This is the time to spend speaking into the intentions that we want to set for this next month - what we wish to manifest into our lives. Our moon is now dark, and although dark, a beautiful stillness radiates through our sky and into our very existence. We are able to catch a glance at our future with hopes and dreams during this time, and just as the new moon is in its rebirth stage so is our future. Thus, we celebrate the endless possibilities that we are beginning to manifest. 

This is the time to be vulnerable with ourselves and to really open ourselves up to the new beginnings that we desire. The moon being hidden is a great time to look up to the stars for guidance, they will set a cosmic alignment for the next cycle of our lives. 

When the New Moon meets Libra, we are reminded to Love. Libra is ruled by Venus, who is now in retrograde. With this retrograde, we lean into deeper understandings of compassion, love, and how our relationships function. Libra is all about balance, and these next two days we will feel high energetic vibrations and an awareness on how to balance our relationships during this next phase and beyond.
"A beautiful stillness radiates through our sky and into our very existence."

Our first intention of this New Moon should be to show up for ourselves. This is the biggest form of self-love, showing up for ourselves. When we make the conscious decision to show up, no matter how we feel, we are letting ourselves know that we are worth it. We see our self-worth and we place it at the top of our list of requirements. How we treat ourselves will set in motion how we treat others and how we allow them to treat us in return. Dig deep into how you feel about yourself, how do you need to honor yourself more, love yourself more, and show up for yourself more. We cannot fill another's glass if ours is already half-way empty. We must have a full glass in order to share with others. This is a time to become new. Take this New Moon as a time to say "I forgive myself for my past and I allow myself to move forward." By giving yourself permission to refresh and start anew, you are allowing boundless opportunities to manifest into your life. You are allowing yourself to receive what the universe has to offer you. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself. The ability to receive. 

Most of us do not realize that we have a relationship with all sides of ourselves. The past, the present, and the future. We also aren't aware of the differences between our shadow-self and light-self. As much as we try, sometimes it's easier to give in to our past-self and shadow-side because our subconscious mind harbors negative energies and stores them away like a file cabinet. This resentment towards our past self-makes us direct draining energy towards what we believe our present self-deserves; therefore, we don't see a positive future. This is the most crucial time to dig deep and reevaluate our relationship with ourselves.

"I forgive myself for my past and I allow myself to move forward"

The New Moon in Libra is also time to look at the relationships we have with others. Venus, Libra Ruler, tells us to lead with our heart - which is exactly what we should do when looking at our relationships. Venus Retrograde will put our relationships into perspective. It may also bring people of your past back into your life which could result in moving forward or moving on - that is ultimately your decision. This retrograde is like a window to our hearts truth. We are able to approach information of the heart that will inspire us to bring more connection and love into each of our relationships. Just remember, this isn't a time to let go. This is the time to move forward. Determine which relationships you wish to nurture, build, continue, or even start during the New Moon. Instead of focusing on which relationships you want to let go of, You can use this New Moon to focus more on the relationships you want to continue. 

Begin this process with an open heart. Set the intention to be open-minded, fair and equal with evaluating your relationships. Where do the energies lie in your relationships? Is someone draining you of all your energy? Do they bring a stagnant energy that is sometimes High but sometimes Low? Or does this relationship bring Flowing Positive Energy into your life? 

Remember: Be Fair and lead with no judgment. This isn't a time to lie to yourself or let your mind make your hearts decisions. Who truly raises your vibrations? These are the relationships you want to focus on during this New Moon. These are the relationships you want to nurture going into this next moon cycle. 

Simple New Moon Ritual/Practices:

1. Set some time aside for yourself. The best time would be close to the New Moon which is 8:46pm PDT. Grab a notebook and a pen and then set yourself up in an area that makes you feel calm and comfortable. Light some candles, some incense, or any type of aromatherapy that brings you relaxation. 

2. Clear Your Mind. Whether that is through meditation, listening to some soft music, or just taking a few minutes to sit in silence with no distractions. To truly lean into our desires, we have to have an open mind that is ready to receive. 

3. Write it Down. Set your intentions. What do you wish to manifest? What actions are you going to take to better your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others? Make this as detailed as possible!! 

4. Give Thanks. Write a list of Gratitude. What are you Thankful for? By being grateful for the things we currently have, this is letting the universe know that we are grateful for all it gives us, thus, allowing us to receive more. Say Thank You out loud, 3 times, and take a deep breath in! 

5. Sign Your Full Name. Sign Your Name and Make your Contract to the Universe official! In pen! By doing this, you are keeping up with your end of the bargain - telling the universe you are going to do your part by getting out there and working on bringing these intentions to life, and in return, the universe will conjure up the future you wish to manifest.

Happy New Moon in Libra, My Loves! This is going to be a powerful moon and I can guarantee we will see some beautiful blessings come into our existence in these next few weeks and months!! 

Love Yourself and Love Other People! 

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October: The Month of Rest

"It's October Again, leaves are coming down. One more year's come and gone, and nothing's changed at all. Wasn't I supposed to be someone Who faced the fears that I've been running from? Let me feel I don't have if I break down, let me Fall even if I hit the ground and if I cry a little, die a little, at least I'll know I lived, Just a little..."

Back around have come the fallen leaves of the trees spring spent time so lovingly nurturing. But, now it's getting colder and darker so it's time for these trees to shed the old and withered in order to make room for the next to come. Man, I love the month of October. There was a time a few years back when I would dread this month, not the Season, but the energy that the Season had brought to my life-in that certain chapter. But now, I love it. I love the energy, I love feeling the shift as we Step into these darker months of hibernation.

Total transparency.
I ended September with a trip to the emergency room, because not going to lie, I full-on thought I was having a heart attack. Seriously the scariest episode of my life due to the fact that I have never Felt that sick and out of place. Uneasy. I felt, Uneasy. and out of balance. It was truly an out of body experience that I keep describing as, "something I never want to experience again," and that is just the easiest way for me to Relate how I felt -- feel. Being that I am a Cardiology Patient, I didn't want to take any risks since I felt helpless and couldn't describe what I Felt this pain in my chest but it wasn't a sharp pain and it wasn't my heart. My chest just felt...heavy. and I couldn't breathe, or stop shaking because I was cold. Helpless. and so, to the ER we went. All of my tests came back negative and they said I looked good health wise. And we talked about my anxiety. They diagnosed the problem as a Major Anxiety Attack. This would now be the worst one I have ever had and I hope I never have one to this caliber ever again. 

I woke up yesterday, October 1st, with the feeling that my energy has completely shifted. I have a bigger focus now on what I am hoping to receive from this October; as well as what I am hoping to contribute. We left September feeling mindful and ready to take on our lives purpose. I had a clear idea what that was and how I could approach it. Now, I'm thinking differently about this approach to my life. 

First and foremost, I am hoping to slow down. I kept getting signs that told me to slow down and get rest - I didn't understand due to my ability to create my own work schedule, I can schedule my own time to rest as well which I often feel I get plenty of. But after this Anxiety Attack, I feel that there is more going on around me then I have realized and I'm not allowing myself to truly step back and rest in the way that I should. A way that is Healthy not only for my body, but for my mind, spirit, and heart. Collectively, I need to rest. and I will be spending October finding what that exactly means. Sometimes I find it hard to explain to people that I need to rest since I do make my own schedule, I don't have a job that requires me to be working from 9-5. I did this on purpose. I have never wanted a job that requires me to be stuck in one place all day 5-7 days a week. But, I also knew, that with my health sometimes I feel good and some days I wake up just exhausted. And that's become hard to explain -- because everyone thinks you owe them an explanation. And so, this October, I'm going to work on resting without explaining. I think this is something everyone should do often, I think we can all benefit from it. 

I believe rest is going to come in different forms - not just the rest where I should take a nap or spend the day watching Netflix. or maybe it is that type. But I feel like rest will come from taking a break on social media or designating times to go on social media, re-organize my work schedule, start that new project I've been thinking about (it's not a stressful project), stretch more and do my yoga before bed, do more mindful meditation, cut out what's causing me stress/worry and become more aware of the things around me. The end of the month will bring a whole new type of rest as Speedracer and I will be traveling to Idaho to spend 10 days with my family. I am feeling many emotions with this and I think it has a lot to do with my anxiety. I am eager to see my family and just disconnect from our responsibilities while we are there. It will be a great time to rest in mind, body, spirit, and heart. It's been quite a while since I have seen my family so you can imagine my excitement that we are finally in the month where I know I get to see them and I look forward to the memories and the rest...

I hope October brings new energies, high vibrations, transformations, and rest for each one of us. This is my favorite time of year for doing just that. Slow down and get reacquainted with yourself and the people you love the most. I have high hopes for this month but I am going to take my time getting through each day as it comes - and I hope you do the same. 

Get some Rest and Happy October!
Love Yourself and Love other People.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Full Moon in Aries 2018

Happy Full Moon in Aries. Our first Full Moon in the Autumn Equinox, which makes this a beautiful Harvest Moon. 

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in Opposition. The Full Moon provides a magnitude of Energy and celebrates Our Highest Vibration. Have you ever heard someone say "It Must Be a Full Moon, The Crazies are out?" - This comes from the Full Moon being a time when our emotions are running high and the voice of our subconscious can take over our physical body. We often bottle up our true emotions/feelings without acknowledging them, and so when the energy is high, IE. A Full Moon, people tend to release all their emotions out at once.  With this release, it's also time to attract the Energy we want to bring in. The Full Moon is the time to tap into your inner voice, that voice in your head/heart/and soul that speaks only with dialogue that you yourself can hear. It's the time to realign with your souls purpose. 

This Full Moon falls in the Aries Zodiac. A Aries Moon is always interesting for myself, personally, because my Moon sign is Aries. A Moon sign signifies your personality. So when a Full Moon falls in your specific moon sign, this could be a time to really dig deep into your true self. But, No matter what your moon sign is, A Full Moon will always help you navigate into your higher self. On September 9th, We had the Virgo New Moon where we gained structure and insight on our Intentions. It was a time to plan, lean into our intuition, and tap into the energy of what direction we want to go in. Now, with the Full Moon in Aries, we dig into the steps we have to take in order to Manifest our wants and wishes. 

Aries symbolizes New Beginnings, it adapts to sudden changes and makes an adventure of every direction it's pulled towards. Aries, The Ram, is full of life, passion, and fire. She is all about finding your will to start anew and tackle adversity head on. Aries is Motivated, and with this, A Full Moon in Aries is the perfect time to call on the energy of High Vibrations to start new projects. Have you felt like you've been struggling to find your souls purpose? Now is the time to explore your options. Have you felt like you aren't doing enough to get you towards your dream? Now is the time to try something new in order to take the step closer. 

With this, Remember that we are in a Libra Sun. Aries and Libra are polarities (opposites.) So while Aries wants you to focus on yourself, Libra is all about your relationships. Take the time to acknowledge both and explore what you need to change in both. Do you need to be like Libra, and find balance in both your relationship with yourself and the relationship you have with others? Or Do You need to be like Aries, and find more time for yourself instead of always giving to others? Aries and Libra will go head to head on this Full Moon, but they don't need to end in a blow out. This polarity is going to teach you to acknowledge your low and high vibrations. We will be able to understand both our shadow and bright side, our Yin and Yang. In the end, Aries and Libra can work together to help you come to a compromise to help you create the life you want. 

So Now I leave you with a few, soul burning questions....

  • What is it that you want in life?
  • Where would you like to see yourself in 2 years? 5 Years? 10 Years?
  • What is your biggest passion?

This Full Moon, take the time to sit with your intentions, or answers to the questions above and write down what steps you can take to work towards those goals. Dreams don't work unless we do. We can only Manifest what we are willing to work towards. No matter what your Sun Sign or Moon Sign, we can all benefit from this Aries Full Moon. It's time to step up, rise above adversity, and dive into the rest of our lives. Let's Get to Work..Happy Full Moon, Lovely Friends.

Love Yourself, Love Other People, Love, Love, Love!

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