Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 Full Moon in Virgo (Pisces Sun)

We Start off our day with the Full Moon in Virgo which was exact at 7:53am PST. We will be under her energy today and through tomorrow.

We also entered a new season as our sun has entered the last on the Zodiac Wheel, Pisces, yesterday morning. Happy Birthday, Fishes!

A Full Moon occurs when our sun and moon are in opposition or polarity. The Full Moon brings an abundance of energy and heightens our emotional senses. At the peak of the lunar cycle, the full moon brings mystery into our vibration and we get a taste of her magical workings. The Full Moon is an expansion of all things. She amplifies all surrounding energies, workings, emotions, and takes them to an even higher element. Since our emotional body is heightened, the full moon gives us the opportunity to be more aware, more connected.  We must learn to become more present in our energies to truly understand how we can raise our vibrations and shift our energy in any direction that we choose. If we haven't been acknowledging an emotion, the full moon will take over our subconscious and bring all suppressed feelings to the surface. This isn't to harm us, this is so we can release and let go of any pain, anger, and tension that no longer serves us or creates happiness. After we let go of whatever has been holding us back, we are able to forgive and find gratitude. The Full Moon is the perfect time for such. When we forgive our letdowns, we are also able to find gratitude in them. By doing so, we are acknowledging that we've now made room for positive vibration and anything we've been trying to manifest into our lives.  

Our Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo: The Goddess, The Virgin, and the Mother. She is powerful and capable of healing. Virgo gives us structure and stability, much like a mother teaching her child with discipline. A Virgo Moon loves perfection and nurturing others as it's their greatest asset. However, they give so much to others that sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. (Again, much like a mother to her children. Virgo is one of our most intuitive signs. Her mother's intuition helps her to heal others and transform them into their best self. She is flexible, adaptable to her surroundings and will not be tied to space. There is nothing she wouldn't do to create the perfect energy and vibration for the ones around her. When she works towards something, she wants it to be whole as she is the symbol of completeness. 

When Virgo meets up with the Full Moon, this is giving us the opportunity to heal. The Full Moon is the best time to Let Go of things that are holding you back from growing into your best self. Virgo teaches us boundaries. She helps us create barriers (boundaries) for things we allow and do not allow within our space and energy field. Although Virgo creates boundaries with ease, this is a task that takes many years to perfect. Virgo, although a perfectionist, is reminding you that you don't need to get it perfect the first time, you just need to work towards setting boundaries that you can work with. What energy do you want in your space? What energy will you not tolerate in your space? These are questions Virgo wants you to answer. Having boundaries will show other people what they can and can't get away with when it comes to you. It's important. 

A Full Moon is trying to find a balance between two polarities. So we also have Pisces energy to work with. This is the axis point between the 6th House of Service ( Virgo ) and the 12th House of Spirituality, Undoings, and illusion ( Pisces). The Good News for this particular Full Moon is that Pisces and Virgo are both signs that connect with the spiritual realm; just through different spaces. While Virgo demands space, Pisces says space is limitless. Virgo wants us to stay in the boundaries we've set, while Pisces wants us to connect with all things. Pisces wants us to listen to our intuition and go with the flow of life. No Structure needed. Pisces allows us to be aware of all vibrational frequencies because she believes all things are energy. (and it's true.) While Pisces wants us to tap to inward energy so we can tap to outward energy; Virgo wants us to stay grounded and disciplined. Thus, we need to find a balance between these two signs. 

Though polarities, Virgo and Pisces have the same ability to Heal. Call in energies of both signs while meditating. Follow the vibration of intuition, structure, and flow. Gather all the information you can about your limitless dreams and your boundaries. When we sit and listen to our intuition, we are never steered in the wrong direction. Only what we are called towards. All yourself to be called in whatever direction you feel high vibration in without control or judgment. The Full Moon is the perfect time to LET GO and let the higher divine/universe take over. 

Once you have let go and released any pain or tension - this is the time to set intentions or further elaborate on the intentions you set during the new moon. Speak your deepest desires and dreams (Pisces) into the universe and let the divine manifest your dreams in the order (Virgo) it is meant to happen. No Control. Just Trust. 

Happy Full Moon, Darlings & Good Luck!

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Birthday! It's Pisces Season

Happy Birthday, Pisces Babes!
( February 19th - March 20th) 

Early this morning, we have slipped into the last zodiac in the circle, Pisces. Our Dreamer, our intuitive, our mystical zodiac. 

Duality: Feminine
Triplicity: Water
Quadruplicity: Mutable
Polarity: Virgo

Pisces is receptive, emotional, imaginative, intuitive, and changeable. Pisces is considered our "old soul," zodiac sign for they are believed to have experienced other lives in the past. Sitting at the end of the Zodiac wheel, she brings reincarnation, rebirth, and refinement into our lives. 

Pisces is ruled by Water, her element sign. Her glyph is two fishes tied together and represents emotion and higher consciousness which connects us to the material world. As Pisces is the fish, she is connected to the ocean and much like the ocean, she is not confined.  Her main priority is to connect with her dreams, flow with whatever direction she is going in, and being confident that wherever she ends up is exactly where she needs to be. Her deep understanding of self and the universe help her surrender with ease as she is unafraid. She knows the universe has her back. The energy of this season is to connect with the whole being. Pisces moto is very much, " I am you, You are I, We are together." - Pisces believes in the much larger picture. When most ask the common question of what are we as humans doing here on earth? Pisces knows that collectively, we are all the same. Instead of asking the divine what you need in your life, Pisces encourages you to ask your self. Your Higher Consciousness. Pisces is the sign of the Intuitive. Focus on tapping into your intuition this season. Your intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction. 

Being a Water Sign, Pisces is ruled by Neptune. We all know Neptune as the Ancient God of the Sea. Neptune = Roman Sea God. Poseidon = Greek Sea God. (perspectively they are the same person.) In Astrology, Neptune is the Planet of illusion, glamour, mystery, and deception. Much like the open sea, you never know which direction Neptune will go in. The good news about Pisces is how easily you learn to adapt to the ever-changing currents of the sea. 

Neptune represents your dream life and mystical life. The Planet of Bewitchment. Neptune, as is Pisces, is connected to spiritual matters. As they connect with the 12th House of Spirituality. Here is where we learn that everything in this life is energy. You are Energy. I am Energy. The Sun, the Moon, our emotions. Everything in this world is an energy field. We create and move energy vibrations in everything thing we do. When we learn how to acknowledge these vibrations and understand that they connect to the world as a whole, we can better understand the ebb and flow of life. The position of Neptune in your natal chart is where your life goals, ideas, and visions lay. However, Pisces sitting in our 12th House is also the house of Secrets, Sorrows, and Undoings. It doesn't have to be a dark and depression space though. It defines the limitations placed on our lives, including our self-undoing. Being aware of this placement can help us move with ease so we don't fall victim to the dark side of this house. 

This season, allow Pisces to wrap you up in a universal blanket. Dive into your dreams, listen to your intuition when it comes to decisions and choices. Let yourself tell you to want and to need. Listen to your highest sense of self. Pisces encourages us to trust ourselves. Trusting ourselves will bring us closer to finding our lives purpose. She will show us the evolution of ourselves. (As she is the past life zodiac). Surrender yourself to prayer and divination this season and connect with your spirituality. In order to evolve, we must learn to let go of all expectations we and others have set on ourselves. 

Release the urge to control every situation. Let Go and watch what happens when you give up the reigns. Do not force and do not push your will. The 12th House governs accidents and disappointments. When we push too hard, we can cause accidents and disappointments in our world. Set your intentions and then leave them to manifest without trying to force them to happen. Detach and go with the flow, just like fish in the sea. (IE. Pisces, our Fish zodiac).

Pisces Mantra(s):

"I Let Go of Control for the Universe has my Back"
" It is my Dream, Therefore it is Mine."

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

8 Things I've Stopped Apologizing For:

I've stopped apologizing.

Okay, I'm learning to stop apologizing and explaining. And I feel it won't be long until everyone is following in suit. Let's all be honest here, we've been waiting by our doors for the release of Rachel Hollis' new book "Girl, Stop Apologizing." I'm not the only one and I know it. I've read "Girl Wash Your Face," 3 Times. THREE! I'm not ashamed. I have told myself many times over the last several years to stop apologizing for all the things. I, Ashlee, have OAD: Obsessive Apology Disorder. I say sorry after everything. EV.ERY. THING. and it's a real problem. I think I use the word sorry more than I use the word "Like," and if you have ever heard me speak you would have thought I am from the valley. Totes a valley girl a heart. Not really, but you'd think so by hearing me talk. It used to be so bad that my dad would count out loud every time I said "like," while talking. Like, Oops! - Anyways, I believe sorry is my second close used word and it's totally not my fault. I use sorry as a way to ensure I don't say anything offensive, upsetting, or could cause an argument due to misunderstandings. I do not like confrontation. But, I finally realized that as I continued to use sorry and apologize for everything, I was allowing myself to get smaller and smaller to the people and world around me. I was apologizing and avoiding just to save other peoples feelings. Yup, I was taking care of the feelings of others before my own. Constantly walking on eggshells, tiptoeing ever so lightly so I didn't cause a disruption. 

I became aware of a few things in the last several years. Let's say, ages 21-24 and then 26-28 had been the year(s) of all the lessons. During ages 26 through 28, I have focused on not apologizing. Last June, on my 28th birthday, I wrote a mental letter in my mind to not apologize or explain myself this year. I refuse to do it. And so, I've stopped apologizing. Here's How:

I have stopped apologizing for being too dramatic about certain things, or everything in general. I'm dramatic. Everyone who knows me knows that! Maybe it's because I'm a Gemini, maybe it's because growing up my favorite show was Days of our Lives, or maybe it's because I just am just a drama queen. I grew up performing, I like the theatrics of things. I like the dramatic entrance and exit. And hey, at least I've acknowledged that I'm a Drama Mama. Honestly, I'd be worried if I wasn't aware of this. Worried, Maybe. Sorry, Never!

I have stopped apologizing for apologizing. Meaning, I have stopped apologizing for being "The Fixer," in every single situation. I have always been the fixer and always been the one who cares too much. I used to believe I had to apologize for caring too much because people would tell me I care to much and it was annoying. It was really disheartening hearing from people that I care too much. They were right, I do care. But I'd rather care too much than not at all.  Caring isn't a bad thing, it means I'm passionate, and I'm okay with that.

I have stopped apologizing for being who I am while trying to figure out who I am. The 20's man, they are a ride. 28-year-old Ashlee is not the same as 25, 23, or 21 year old Ashlee. It has been quite the experience, my twenties. The first half was trying to figure out where I fit in and with who. This is the part where I remind you all that fitting in is total bullshit. Do your own thing, it's much easier. When I realized this, I was able to be myself more. And being yourself around people who don't know or accept themselves can be really difficult and disheartening. But I stopped apologizing for trying to figure myself out while accepting myself at that moment.

I have stopped apologizing for saying No. There is so much power in saying no to things. I remember the first time I said no to an invite out, I was full of anxiety and worry that I was about to be the topic on the conversation in a really negative way. One thing that I highly dislike, is someone seeing me in a negative light when  I am not that kind of person at all. So, I always said Yes to things to keep my reputation positive. News Flash: You can't control what people say about you and they will talk however they want. So, I started saying No without the fear of backlash. If something doesn't feel right to me: NO! If going to certain places gives me bad vibes: NO! If a conversation isn't up to my standards: No! No, No, No! It's a beautiful word. 

I have stopped apologizing for making decisions that are in my best interest. If you take anything away from this post, have it be this.   The need to explain myself for decisions I've made or my feelings was such a problem for me. I constantly explained myself and why I do, say, and feel specific ways. Once I stopped, it pissed a lot of people off. Like, A LOT! But we as individuals have the freedom to make our own decisions based on what does or doesn't feel good to us. I stopped going places that felt stuffy to me, I stopped accepting invitations to parties where I walked away feeling bad about myself, I stopped hanging out with people who made me feel less than.  I made the decision to be aware, present, free, and happy. 

I have stopped apologizing for being the "weird one." Yup, I am the one who grew up knowing from age 8 she wanted to be a writer and not a doctor or executive. I am the weird one who is into tarot, crystals, moon cycles and astrology. I am the weird one who would rather curl up and read a book then go out and party. I am the weird one who would rather talk about meaningful things like future life goals, spirituality, and mental health; rather than about drama, rumors, who did what, etc. I'm the weird one who would rather meditate than take shots. I'm the weird one who still believes in having coffee with your neighbors and sending handwritten letters. I'm the weird one who would rather own a small boutique in the middle of town than the one who wants to be a CEO of a big firm. I'm the weird one who'd rather live in an old Victorian house with open space than in a mansion with nice cars in the suburb. To quote my one of my favorite movies: "We are the Weirdos, Mister" - and I'm Damn Proud! 

I have stopped apologizing for stepping back from situations that hinder my growth. One thing I highly dislike is feeling stuck in places and situations. Not in a claustrophobic way, but in the way of "we literally aren't getting anywhere and this is starting to take control of my health." And as much as I like to push my hardest for a success story. I have learned that in order to keep myself protected and healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. I need to stop pushing and walk away. I won't be stranded in a situation that I can easily walk away from. This was another one of those situations where I felt the need to explain why I did something. But, this is my journey and I learning to step back from growth hindering situations has been absolutely powerful! 

I have stopped apologizing for repeating the same thing over and over because I feel like nobody hears me the first 4 times. I have stopped apologizing for putting more creamer in my coffee then I should. I have stopped apologizing for liking pineapple on my pizza. I have stopped apologizing for not like chocolate. I have stopped apologizing for continuously talking about how One Tree Hill is the best show to ever exist (it is, fight me) and that the Simpsons and South Park are ridiculously boring. I have stopped apologizing for setting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving. I have stopped apologizing for dancing in my car and singing into half-empty water bottles. I have stopped apologizing for wearing leggings as pants because yes, they are pants. I have stopped apologizing for only have 4 pairs of shoes but always being barefoot. 


I can't wait to read Rachel Hollis' Upcoming Book "Girl, Stop Apologizing." I think it will be a great reminder for me to stop apologizing about certain things. I also think it will put new things in perspective that I need to stop apologizing for. I'm all for seeing things from a different or new perspective. It's all part of the growth process. What have you stopped apologizing for? OR What do you need to stop apologizing for?

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Monday, January 28, 2019

10 Forgiving and Healing Lessons + PRINTABLE Worksheet

"In Order to heal, we must first forgive; and sometimes the person we need to forgive is ourselves." - Mila Bron

2018 Rocked the boat for a lot of us, myself included. And through that, I have learned to so much about forgiveness and healing. I have learned a few important lessons that I feel are important to share with you, and at the end of this post, I have linked a FREE Printable that I have created for you. It's a prompt, a guide, for you all to use while going on this Personal Growth Journey of Self Discovery. 

Let's talk about Forgiveness and Healing:

The Following is stated on my Instagram:

" We've all had that moment in our lives, that one event that took place, where we subconsciously decided that we were meant to stay wounded. We have told ourselves and been told by others, repeatedly, that we don't deserve to do the one thing our bodies were meant to do, Heal. Maybe it wasn't those exact words but we've been told those very things in some variation and because of this, we have placed the fate of forgiveness and healing in somebody else's hands. 

Repeat after me: " I forgive myself First, I deserve to Heal" - and repeat this over and over until you believe it. Because you see, there is no greater power than that of our own thoughts and words that we speak to ourselves. When we learn to have this open conversation with ourselves about what needs to heal and what needs forgiving, we grow stronger in not only our relationship with self (over what ego tells us) but we strengthen our relationships with others by being compassionate over the healing that they are working through, or have yet to work through. We deserve to heal. We deserve to feel compassion, love, happiness, and warmth. 

We may encounter those who have yet to heal themselves and that's okay; this is where the work truly begins for us. We must learn that we cannot continue to take on the burdens of others' pain. The only thing we can do is focus on ourselves and give grace to those around us who are still suffering. " - @ash_felkner

Lessons I have learned:

1. We are in charge of our emotions, and OUR emotions alone. 

2. We cannot force someone to heal their own wounds if they aren't willing to face their past and their traumas.

3. We cannot force someone to forgive us or apologize to us. But we can control how we forgive them and apologize to them. 

4. We must forgive ourselves first! We Must Heal ourselves First!

5. Personal Growth is not Selfish. You can't serve others from an empty vessel. 

6. You can practice self-love while practicing compassion for others.

7. When someone lashes out against you, it's not about you, so don't take it personally. They haven't healed themselves or forgiven themselves yet. Say a Prayer for them and move on. 

8. Learning to call yourself out on your BS is the most important area of Self-Awareness and Self-Discovery you can learn from. 

9. You are responsible for how you feel and how you react. Nobody is in charge of that, just as you aren't responsible for their feelings/actions. 

10. Life is lighter when you release the weight you've been carrying around. 

* Click the Linked Photo Below, It will Open to a page that's printable!

Open your mind and your heart to the growth process. This isn't always easy but growth isn't meant to be. We can't truly grow without going through the hard times and filtering back through suppressed emotions. I hope these questions and this worksheet is of service to you, as many times as you want to use it. Print it once, Print it 5 times. Save it. Use it as a guide when you feel stuck and need to release built up feelings. Forgive yourself first, Heal Yourself First; and the rest will follow. Good Luck! - A

- Ashlee

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